'Sparks Camp' finale, episode 8 highlights: Who's got the mutual spark?
'Sparks Camp' finale, episode 8 highlights: Who's got the mutual spark?

Before the campers gave their final sparks in the last episode of “Sparks Camp”, the guys were given one last chance to talk to the persons they felt a spark with. 

For the last time, Dan tried his shot on Karl, since both never had the chance to go on a date together or even to just have a meaningful conversation with each other. Nat also talked to Karl for one last time, telling Karl that he really made Nat feel comfortable in the camp. 

Meanwhile, Aaron tried to clear things with Nick, hoping that he feels the same spark he feels for him. Gabe also sat down with Aaron, who wanted to let him know how grateful he was to have met someone in the camp who taught him that he could let his guard down. In return, Aaron also said that he felt safe with Gabe around in the camp. 

As for Stanley, it came as a surprise that he chose to have a one-on-one conversation with Dan whom he's grateful for because of his authenticity and the way Dan stood up for him when he was cornered during the pool party. 

Karl and Nick, who had the opportunity to go on a date together, looked back at how they made a stronger connection than the other people in camp. Dan, on the other hand, also expressed his appreciation for Nick for the time they spent together to know each other better during their date. 

While Bong and Alex never really had the chance to go on a date, they were both grateful for each other's presence, with the way they both kept each other comfortable by just being themselves throughout their stay.  

After an emotional conversation at the pool party, Alex and Justin once again sat down with each other to clear their issues from the past, when Justin didn’t pursue Alex after he showed interest on him, all because Justin hadn't moved on from his ex yet at that time. 

And for the final giving of sparks, the campers had to do it face-to-face. There were disappointments, heartbreaks, and tears, but they were all grateful to have been given the chance to reveal their feelings, whether or not these would be reciprocated. 

While most of them didn't get to have a mutual spark, two pairs actually did: Karl and Nick, and Alex and Justin! 

Karl and Nick's connection might be an unexpected one, but it's what makes their mutual spark unique. As they exchanged sparks, they also expressed why they chose each other. 

"I learned a lot here because of our friends and I came to realize that sometimes it's not about how much time we have, but the quality of time we spent together. And I'm so happy we were able to talk by the pool. So, you are my spark," Karl told Nick. 

“Coming here, honestly, I didn't know if I'll be able to like people in a sense that is more than friendship. And then, I wasn't really sure if I was ready for anyone and if I'm ready to be in a relationship again. But then, you know, some things, sabi nga nila, it's the unexpected things that happen to be the best,” Nick told Karl.  

"It was so nice we got to talk in the pool because I had no idea that you were looking at me the whole time. And, Karl, you are my spark," he added, before they hugged each other. 

As for Alex and Justin, they are now ready to give each other a second chance after a failed romance in the past. 

“I've come to know more about you, even the reason why we stopped talking. The reason why you stopped pursuing me,” Alex told Justin. “I guess it seems like the universe played a trick on us and had us meet. To be honest, I'm still scared because of how this will work out outside the camp but I'm confident and I'm willing to try. Justin, you are my spark.” 

“I saw you again. And now, it's the first time I felt I wanted to keep someone, and it's so surprising to keep someone I let go of in the past. And it feels beautiful and magical at the same time. And also, I'm really sorry for what I did before. I will do it better this time. So, I'm giving my spark because you are my spark,” Justin told Alex. 

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