‘Sparks Camp’ episode 6 highlights: Wholesome dates, emotional breakdowns, and more!
‘Sparks Camp’ episode 6 highlights: Wholesome dates, emotional breakdowns, and more!

Dan and Nat's date from the second episode might not have worked out, but they got another shot to go on another date with their chosen campers to find their potential sparks. 

As for Nat who won a game for the first time, he picked Karl as his date, which had Dan raise an eyebrow, since everyone knows how he's always had his eyes on Karl from the previous games. After his *obvious* choice had already been picked, Dan went with Nick, whom he described as someone he had "less of an interaction" but he feels he may have a "connection" with. 

Thus, it’s Nat and Karl, and Dan and Nick, moving on to the dates, respectively. In the case of Nat and Karl, they surely did seem to have that spark — they both make good sinigang and prefer doing physical activities as their ideal date. This also sparked interest in Karl in what he and Nat could enjoy outside of camp. 

While on the topic of hobbies, Karl opened up about being shy whenever someone wants to hold his hand because of his callouses from doing Spartan. Nat found this as an opportunity to show his own callouses from rowing and he made Karl ~feel~ the callouses by holding Karl’s hand. Ang smooth! 

"Kinilig din ako kahit papa'no. It's been a while since someone held my hand," Karl admitted. 

As for how their date went, Nat said, "It was unexpected that I enjoyed it so much. It really made me change my mind who is triggering my spark sa camp.” 

Dan and Nick's spark, meanwhile, was quite an unexpected one. The two never really had the chance yet to get to know each other in camp, but the way their conversation flowed throughout their date was smooth and full of insights. 

"Coming into the date, I knew Nick had that side, but I didn't know na we would actually converse well. It did change my perspective kay Nick in a good way. He's sweet,” Dan said. 

Nick also found his date with Dan a pleasant one, saying, "It's nice when someone listens to you and understands where you're coming from. It helped me appreciate Dan more." 

While the two pairs’ dates filled us with kilig, the campers’ “Moment of Truth” confessions later that day showed their vulnerable sides, as they recalled their past relationships and dating experiences. 

Among the campers who couldn’t help but become emotional while sharing their stories were Aaron, Stanley, and Nick, who all had to endure pain and trauma from their past romantic relationships. 

As soon as Mother Sparker Mela Habijan mentioned the secret of a camper whose mental illness worsened with each romantic relationship he had, Aaron broke down and opened up about his ex. 

“Sobrang toxic niya na sinasampal niya 'ko, na ina-isolate niya ako sa family and friends ko. And pinapaliwanag niya sa 'kin na walang kwenta akong tao. Pero in the end, pineperahan lang niya ako,” Aaron recalled. He also cited this as one of the reasons why he seemed so guarded when it comes to relationships.  

"Kaya sobrang guarded talaga ‘yung puso ko ngayon. Na I don't let anyone easily in my life kasi parati akong nasasaktan," he shared. 

Meanwhile, Stanley shared about how he traveled from Baguio to Manila to beg to get back with for his ex, only to find out that he's already been replaced. 

"Pag-uwi niya, may tumatawag sa 'kin using his account and may sumagot na ibang voice asking me to open their door, their gate, kasi pauwi na raw siya," Stanley recalled. "Even after knowing that, I stayed in their house for a week. I had to leave eventually kasi hindi ko naman pwedeng ipagpilitan ‘yung sarili ko sa kanya." 

According to Stanley, being in the camp also helped with his healing process, with the help of his fellow campers. 

"That's why I came here hoping to heal my heart again. And I think it's helping because for the first time in my life, I'm around the kindest people I've ever met," he said. 

Nick also bravely shared about how he's been outed by someone who spread the screenshot of his conversations with a guy he dated. 

“I basically spent two years in the university with my head down kasi nga I was outed and I was still figuring things out,” Nick shared. “All my friends in the dorm were avoiding me. It was so bad that when I eat at the cafeteria, no one would sit next to me.” 

Believing all of that was part of his karma for being with a guy who's already in a relationship, the campers were quick to assure him that he didn't deserve to be outed that way. 

Due to the highly emotional revelations, some tension also occurred. But how did the campers resolve these? Find out by watching the sixth episode of “Sparks Camp” below: 

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