'Sparks Camp' episode 3 highlights: Who got the most sparks, an intense tug of war, and more!
'Sparks Camp' episode 3 highlights: Who got the most sparks, an intense tug of war, and more!

After leaving us hanging in the previous episode on who received some sparks, we finally got to know who among the campers got none and the most sparks in the third episode of the queer dating reality show "Sparks Camp"! 

First to show their box was Nick, who received one spark from Aaron.  

On why Aaron picked Nick to give his spark to, Aaron cited how he wanted to refute Nick’s prejudgments, such as his opinion on Geminis, as seen in the pilot episode. Aaron said, “I chose Nick because I felt this type of wall and I really want to prove him wrong.” 

While Nick was off to a great start, it wasn’t the case for Gabe who received zero sparks. As Gabe closed his box, Aaron chimed in with comforting words, telling Gabe, “But don’t close your opportunities!”

Meanwhile, everyone’s jaws dropped during Alex’s turn, who received not just one but three sparks! Turns out, it wasn’t only Bong whose interest he sparked, but also those of Justin and Stanley. Alex shyly said, “I'm happy because somebody chose me.” 

Apart from Gabe, the other campers who received zero sparks were Stanley, Aaron, and Dan.  

As for Aaron, he admitted that he felt humbled for not earning any spark, knowing that he didn’t make a good impression with the guys as much as he thought he did. 

“Getting into the camp, I thought na, 'Oh, these boys will like me.' I was kinda confident,” he said. “Pero parang slap to the face na wala akong spark.” 

Karl, Nat, and Bong, on the other hand, all received one spark each. But Bong’s spark perhaps would be the most special since it was Alex who gave it to him — while Bong also gave Alex his spark! Seems like the feeling is really mutual between Alex and Bong, yes? ❤️ 

“I went for Bong because it was genuine that I felt a spark with him. Kahit sa camp, I'm just quiet. Si Bong lang kinakausap ko,” Alex explained. 

As for Bong who felt kilig over the spark he received, he said, “I'm just here to show who I am. And so, if someone appreciates who I am, then thank you so much.” 

As it turns out, it wasn’t only Alex who received multiple sparks because Justin also received three — from Karl, Nat, and Nick, respectively. 

“Justin has caught my attention. I wanna have like something deep, that deep connection with someone, kasi growing up, I was also a lola's boy,” Nick shared, referring to the “juicy secret” revealed by Justin from the second episode. 

Moving over to the next challenge, the boys then battled it out in a game of tug of war called “Pull Harder.” After drawing lots, five campers picked their chosen partner for the game. But their partner would not just be helping them pull the rope, because if they win, their chosen person would also be their date. 

The pairings were the following: Justin picked Alex, Gabe chose Aaron, Dan went with Karl, Bong selected Nat, and Stanley ended up with Nick. 

While it was an easy feat for Gabe and Aaron who won against Justin and Alex, the game turned out to be intense for Dan and Karl versus Bong and Nat. Once again, Dan and Karl eventually won. 

Meanwhile, Stanley and Nick had the chance to pick who among the losing pairs they would go against. They chose Alex and Justin, whom they easily triumphed over. 

With the three winning pairs, Mother Sparker Mela Habijan revealed a twist — that only two pairs would actually be going on a romantic date. The power then shifted to the losing pairs, who were given the chance to decide who they thought deserved the spa date. 

And since Karl and Dan were already the winners of the first game, Alex, Justin, Bong, and Nat picked Gabe and Aaron, and Nick and Stanley, respectively, as the pairings to go on the spa dates. 

How will these two pairs spend their intimate time to get to know their current partners better? Will they be able to find a spark in their respective dates? It’s for us to find out in the next episode of “Sparks Camp”! 

For now, watch and enjoy the full episode 3 here: 

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