‘Sparks Camp’ episode 5 highlights: Newfound sparks, soft hours, and almost kisses!
‘Sparks Camp’ episode 5 highlights: Newfound sparks, soft hours, and almost kisses!

After getting to know each other more through their dates and the sharing of their deepest, darkest secrets, do the campers now see one another in a different light? 

In the fourth episode of the queer dating reality show "Sparks Camp", we saw quite a change on who among the boys received sparks from their fellow campers.  

Aaron, who received zero sparks in the third episode, now earned two sparks, one each from Gabe and Stanley, respectively. 

Because of the genuine connection they had during their date, Gabe decided to give his spark to Aaron, while Stanley said he found Aaron really sincere. 

"He's really cute. He's been really real this time and I saw how sincere he was," Stanley said. 

However, even when Gabe gave his spark to Aaron, whom he thought he sparked something with during their date, he received nothing from Aaron and none as well from other campers, making it the second time for him to earn zero sparks. 

Some campers consistently received one spark, like Nat who received a spark from Nick, and Nick who received a spark from Aaron.  

Stanley, on the other hand, didn't receive any spark once again for the second consecutive time, while Dan seemed to have made progress with the ~spark~ he feels for Karl. Once again, Dan gave his spark to Karl, who also gave him his spark in return! 

"I gave my spark to Dan because he chose me yesterday and he chose me today. It's nice when someone is consistent," Karl said. 

However, there seemed to be a little fallout between Alex and Bong’s mutual spark situation, after Alex gave his spark to Justin this time, instead of to Bong. Bong and Justin still consistently gave their sparks to Alex.

Apparently hurt that he didn’t receive any spark, Bong said, "Kahit sinabi ko kay Ms. Mela (Habijan) na deadmatology, may naramdaman ako. May naramdaman akong sakit. Dinamdam ko talaga s’ya, 'day, kasi sensitive akong tao.” 

Moving over to another round of getting to know each other more, the boys turned vulnerable about their pasts through the sentimental items Mother Sparker Mela Habijan left for them during a campfire night out. The campers shared what the objects signified in their lives, including moments about their sexualities and relationships. 

Starting off with Bong, who brought the P.E. shirt of his ex, he recalled how the person cheated on him back in college. Bong said he confronted his ex about whether he still loves him or not, to which his ex answered with a firm "no." 

While some campers kept it short and reserved, other campers like Aaron, Karl, and Alex couldn’t help but show their soft sides as they recalled past experiences. 

Bringing out his sketchbook, Aaron shared how his talent in drawing let him get the validation he craved when he was a kid, since he had been constantly bullied for his looks. 

"When I realized I was good at art, I kept on drawing every single day kasi napansin ko, 'yung mga tao, they would compliment [me], 'Ay, ang ganda naman ng art mo.' So at least I would feel a form of validation noong bata ako,” he shared. 

Meanwhile, Karl brought out a scapular, which includes charms given to him by his late mother and grandmothers. With a Bible verse written on it that reminds him to just believe, Karl shared how this also applies to why he joined “Sparks Camp” in the first place. 

"Syempre after relationships that didn't work out, parang nakakatakot to put yourself out there. But if you believe na someone's gonna be there for you, or if you open up and you believe in yourself, or in [fate], then kakayanin niyo rin," he said.

As for Alex, he brought out a piece of paper which read “Atty. Mark” which was given to him by his ex-girlfriend. According to him, it is sentimental because he was grateful that someone believed in him apart from his family. 

"I'm sharing this because lately nararamdaman ko, may confidence is becoming deluded. The reason why I presented this is because I just want to go back to that time where I lived a confident life, where I could speak freely,” he admitted. “I know ‘yung confidence by default dapat manggaling sa sarili mo, but I think I need a little push from somebody.” 

To cap off the night, some of the campers chose to burn the items as they symbolically leave their hurtful memories behind.  

For another chance to win a date, the boys then battled it out through a pass-the-card game with a little twist. After getting divided into two teams, the boys would pass a card using only their lips to the person next to them. 

The last two campers in each team who can keep the card from falling would proceed to a final round until only two campers are left. These two winners would go on a one-on-one date with the camper of their choice. 

Scroll through to see how the boys get close and competitive to win the fine dining date with their chosen campers!


Who do you think won the game and who are their chosen dates? Find out by watching the full episode five here: 


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