'Sparks Camp' episode 1 highlights: All the drama and kilig we felt from the pilot!
'Sparks Camp' episode 1 highlights: All the drama and kilig we felt from the pilot!

The "Sparks Camp" pilot episode is here and it's got all the exciting drama and giddy tension one can expect to crave from a queer dating reality show! 

As the 10 single campers officially arrived at the Sparks Camp — namely Nat, Bong, Alex, Aaron, Karl, Stanley, Justin, Gabe, Nick, and Dan — physically meeting for the first time, we already witnessed who among them can leave good and bad impressions on one another. We also saw who found *initial* sparks with their fellow campers.

Here's a quick rundown of some highlights: 

  • We get a glimpse of the campers' varied backgrounds, from being content creators to entrepreneurs, to NBSBs, and even students. 
  • As early as the introduction of the campers, we learned how Dan and Aaron seemed to have a little issue from way back, when Dan noted how Aaron unfollowed him on social media for no apparent reason, despite them having exchanged messages for some time.  
  • Dan and Karl make a good team as they aced the first-ever game called "Hold Me Tight". Their pairing was so good that we are already seeing potential sparks between them!  
  • Bong is already serving light and love in the show with his energy and intense chemistry with Alex, who picked him as his partner in the game! 
  • Stanley and Nick had the same grit as Dan and Karl, as both couples pinned down Justin and Nat during the three-way battle. But their competitiveness was still no match with Dan and Karl. 

As the show served us real and relatable moments, here's what some netizens think about the initial pairings:

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Watch the full pilot episode here: 

A new episode drops every Wednesday at 8 PM, so make sure you stay tuned at the Black Sheep YouTube channel via this link: https://www.youtube.com/@BlackSheepPH


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