‘Sparks Camp’ episode 4 highlights: Unexpected connections, and their deepest and darkest secrets exposed!
‘Sparks Camp’ episode 4 highlights: Unexpected connections, and their deepest and darkest secrets exposed!

After Karl and Justin, and Nat and Dan, it was Aaron and Gabe’s, and Stanley and Nick’s turn to get to know each other more through a romantic spa date, in the fourth episode of the queer dating reality show “Sparks Camp”. 

While both pairs came in not expecting anything from their dates, Aaron and Gabe seemed to have ~sparked~ something between them during their conversations. They both found out that they have something in common, such as how they have both been cheated on twice, and how they have been focusing on loving themselves more after what they’ve gone through in their past relationships. 

During their date, Aaron also opened up about how his being a content creator seemed to be a factor in why he didn’t get any sparks from the first set of games. 

“I didn't think I had a good first impression here. I think that's the reason why I didn't get any sparks,” Aaron said. “I feel like ‘yung sa utak ng mga ibang campers na, 'Ay ito nga 'yung influencer na ginagawa lang mga 'to for content.’” 

Gabe then admitted to Aaron that he had that impression of him. But everything changed when Gabe had the chance to get to know him more as they spent more time in camp, and this allowed Gabe to see a different side of Aaron. 

“Interacting with you here sa camp, na-realize ko may ibang side pa of Aaron. Not lang ‘yung funny side, may vulnerable side, may friendly side,” Gabe admitted. 

“Nagbago ‘yung perspective ko from the obnoxious Aaron TikToker to a vulnerable real human being,” he added. 

While Aaron and Gabe found an unexpected connection, Nick and Stanley didn’t seem to have that ~spark~ during their date. 

From discussing their coming out moments to sharing personal preferences on who they want to date, their interaction in the date seemed to be just a simple getting-to-know-you moment. At times, Stanley also appeared distracted, which did not escape the observation of Nick. 

Stanley tried to make it up to Nick by showing Nick that he did care about their date. Stanley volunteered to become Nick’s impromptu masseur as he massaged Nick’s arms with oil, which Nick appreciated. 

But to sum up how their date really went, Stanley described their chemistry as “"Pwede, meron, pero it wasn't enough.” 

The feeling seemed mutual. For Nick, the connection wasn’t deep enough for them to say they had a spark: "It's kinda understood that we get along, but not in that sense.” 

Later, the campers had another round of “Moment of Truth” where the boys got to know each other on a deeper level through another trivia game: Mother Sparker Mela Habijan read their deepest, darkest secrets about their sexual encounters and experiences. 

As the boys tried to guess who among the campers best fit each secret, they also got surprised by some of the unexpected revelations during the game. 

Among the most shocking ones include Alex confessing that he already once did the deed in a club cubicle. Meanwhile, Gabe admitted that he once paid off a security guard who caught him and another person doing “it” in the parking lot of a mall. 

Despite the sensitivity of the secrets exposed, the campers agreed that being open about such matters is a great way to promote healthy and mature conversations, particularly since sex in general, and queer sexual relationships in particular, are still considered taboo topics.  

As Mela puts it: "I'm very happy we're all in a space [where] we can promote sex positivity – owning our bodies, practicing the act of consent, and everything that involves our personality as sexual human beings. Kasi dapat naman talaga 'tong pinag-uusapan." 

Watch the full episode 4 here: 

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