High Street first taping day Andrea & JK

Over the past weeks, Dreamscape Entertainment has been providing us with a slew of “High Street related ayuda or content through the videos that it has published across its and ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official social media pages and YouTube channel.

And from unveiling the actors who are going to partake in the much-awaited second season of “Senior High” through the media conference, script reading, and look test held, we were recently given a glimpse of the first taping day of its lead stars Andrea Brillantes and Juan Karlos as they reprised their beloved roles Sky Cruz and Gino Acosta that further drums up our excitement.



In this montage, we were treated to a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips showing the ganaps of the two young actors on their first day on the set. Andrea, who’s now sporting a bob cut, imparted that she filmed a documentary video of Sky, wherein we’re going to hear her utter the words, “And we will not stop,” as an allude to everything that happened five years ago to her famous alma mater Northford High. Since it will not be a direct continuity of Season 1, she finds it a bit challenging to portray “Sky with improvements.”

Meanwhile, Juan Karlos revealed that their first taping day was “basically a bunch of walking down memory lane,” as the majority of their castmates in “High Street” are the ones they already got to work with in Season 1. He commented, “Familiarity is always a nice thing [because] it takes away the pressure or kung ano mang kaba ‘yong meron ka.” He also added that there are actually a lot of things to look forward to, such as the narrative because of how crazy it is going to be and of all the twists and turns that we’re about to see.

Are you as excited as us to witness what’s going to happen in the lives of our favorite “Senior High” characters in “High Street? Stay tuned to ABS-CBN’s social media platforms and official YouTube channel for the next updates!