Viral Scandal’s well-loved Sicat Family shows competitiveness in fun “Drawing Charades” game

Amidst the intense confrontations and distressing drama in the now-defunct Kapamilya primetime series Viral Scandal, the gregarious Sicat family has brought positivity and good vibes to the narrative through the love and happiness they shared.

And around three months since it ended, the well-loved onscreen family, comprised by Charlie Dizon as Ikay, Dimples Romana as Kakay, Karina Bautista as Bea, Louise Abuel as Nico, and Miko Raval as Dan, gathered recently as they graced Charlie’s latest vlog.

However, instead of having the usual catching up like what she and their other co-star Jake Cuenca did in one of her previous vlogs, Charlie challenged them to take on the fun “Drawing Charades” to gauge who among them is the most competitive.

The 26-year-old actress commenced the video by enthusiastically introducing her guests, starting off with her onscreen dad Miko, a.k.a. Tatay Dan, who she described as “mas pinaka-pogi, mas pinaka-gentleman, at mas pinaka-malambing” and jestingly revealed got jealous upon seeing her interview with Jake. They were also joined by Dimples’ adorable son Alonzo.

Proceeding to the game proper, the six of them were divided into two groups, making it “girls versus boys.” In the “Drawing Charades,” representative of each group has to correctly guess the word given to them by the rival team. One would know the word and draw it on the paper attached to their other groupmate, who would try to decipher it by drawing on the paper at which one of their groupmates would draw on the paper fastened on the back of the third member. It would be the last member who’s going to utter their group’s final answer.

The boys failed to guess “giraffe” and “electric fan,” which made Miko jokingly conclude that guys are indeed insensitive. Luckily, Alonzo was able to guess pancit and tuhod (or knees), which gave them a fighting chance.

On the other hand, the girls were able to easily figure out “trees” and “pizza”. After failing to guess “island”, they were able to decipher “mansion” – thanks to Karina’s powerful explanation.

In the end, they were able to determine that Karina is the most competitive because of how she exaggeratingly behaved and fiercely played throughout the game.

Watch this vlog to see how Charlie and her beloved Sicat Family had a great time during their fun and thrilling reunion.