Charlie Jake Viral Scandal funny scene

A few months after working together for the first time in the now-defunct series Viral Scandal, Charlie Dizon had the chance to have a “pasabog lunch” with her co-star Jake Cuenca – who played the role of her character’s father Mayor Troy Ramones – in her latest vlog.

But aside from simply feasting on the sumptuous and healthy dishes they ordered in the restaurant where they shot her first-ever collaboration, Charlie also quizzed him on random things – from his remarkable career as an actor to his personal life and point-of-views on certain issues – which he enthusiastically answered.

The award-winning actress commenced their fun yet insightful conversation by asking how he’s been ever since their teleserye came to an end last May. The year started out good for him when it comes to work as a slew of projects was bestowed to him after they finished taping Viral Scandal last December.

Although he played the role of a politician in the said series and people perceive that it suits him in real life, too, the seasoned actor insisted that he has no plans in entering politics nor running to any position.

In his 20 years in the local entertainment scene, he confessed that it actually crossed his mind to quit, just like his other colleagues. However, he always reminds himself about his purpose on doing this and his love for film and theater, which helps rejuvenate his passion. He may not receive the same compensation in doing on-screen and theater projects, yet he feels the same level of fulfillment and satisfaction that money surely cannot buy.

Since they already tackled life under limelight, Charlie asked what for him are the pros and cons of being an artista. Aside from jesting that popularity and influence are both its advantages and disadvantages, he added that those who are passionate about this job are indeed blessed to be in this industry.

As we all know, another downside of being a celebrity is how they tend to be always on the receiving end of bashing. But instead of getting those in his head, he chooses to simply change his perspective and keep in mind that he cannot be mad at things that are so showbiz. At the end of the day, it’s the world they are living in and the life that they chose, so he just lets the gossip-mongers and trolls be.

If there’s one local who he wishes to work with, the 34-year-old heartthrob said that it would be fast-rising young actor Elijah Canlas, as he has read a lot of positive feedbacks on his performances and he perceives him as passionate. For the actresses, it would be Jodi Sta. Maria since they’ve been friends for a long time and he looks forward on headlining a project with her as his partner.

With regards to the celebrity he would never, ever forget, it would be none other than veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro, who is also his and Paulo Avelino’s acting mentor, as well as Christopher De Leon. He considers Ronnie as “my idol, my hero” in showbiz since he is one of his greatest influences and who changed his perspective when it comes to acting. He’s also pleased to be able to work with Christopher again after so many years since they first shared the screen on his teleserye debut two decades ago.

“Ito ‘yong maganda kay Tito Ronnie eh. Hindi siya masyadong magpapaliwanag, hindi niya ituturo sa’yo ‘yong ginagawa niya. Pero definitely, kapag nakatrabaho mo siya, mararamdaman mo at makikita mo,” he imparted, adding how contagious the energy Ronnie is whenever they worked on a scene.

Charlie then confessed how Jake radiated a certain kind of magic on the set, which had her thinking how she’s going to imagine him as her dad. The latter also admitted feeling nervous working with her in one of their scenes. They also reminisced their first sequence together which they both find really unforgettable because they were both jittery then.

She then veered the conversation to love, starting off with the question: “If may maipapayo ka sa mga tao about love, ano ‘yon?” which made them both chuckle.

“Coming from a person who just been through something, siguro one thing sa pinagdaanan ko or at least sa lahat ng experiences ko, I never regretted loving someone. Siguro now, at this point in my life, I’m 34, my most mature point, parang I wouldn’t do things differently. Gano’n talaga ako magmahal e, I give everything and everything. In the end, if it doesn’t work out or if it works out, at least you gave it your best,” he conveyed, to which she absolutely agreed.

When asked for his advice to people who are currently brokenhearted or are going through something in their love lives, Jake – who said that he still believes in love because it makes the world go ‘round – shared that he realized that “the only person I really need is my mom.” He told them to go to their family if they want advice because he firmly believes that they only have our best interests at heart, which Charlie seconded by adding that it’s also them who knows you better than anyone else around you.

For the last question, the actor was apparently put on the hotseat as she asked who among his exes he’s likely to get back with. Jake refused to mention any name and simply uttered, “I don’t know.” Then he added, “Kung meron man akong natutunan ay huwag sumagot nang patapos. So maybe yes, we’ll never know. I’d rather say ‘yes’ than ‘no’.”

Aside from promoting his two upcoming projects, Charlie also mentioned that Jake is about to launch his own YouTube channel and podcast.

Watch this video to see for yourself the fun yet insightful conversation of Charlie and Jake!