15 times Jill and Diane helped each other in The Broken Marriage Vow

Women consider it a gift to have someone who would get their pain and fight with them, like how Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) found a true friend in Diane (Jane Oineza), her student and mistress-hunter who helped investigate David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s extramarital activities. Now the drama has tied them up in complicated ways, Jill and Diane stand up for each other. Check out their unexpected friendship via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the hit series The Broken Marriage Vow.

Jill started to notice Diane’s unusual behavior during class. The student walked up to her asking for prescription sleeping pills, to which she didn’t oblige, until she needed her help in unearthing receipts of David’s affair.

They talked at an event where Diane worked part-time as a waitress. When Jill opened up about her hunches on David’s secrets, Diane was quick to empathize with her professor. Diane said she used to spy on her live-in partner and successfully get rid of the other woman. With that, she advised Jill to confirm her suspicions once and for all by investigating David.

Jill hired Diane to keep a watch on David in exchange for a good pay and the prescription drugs she’s been asking for.  It was Diane who tailed David to an apartment building where he keeps his paramour, and the one to tip Jill about a secret bag hidden in the compartment of David’s car. She also used her connections to identify the car owner who happens to be Nathalia (Rachel Lucero), Lexy (Sue Ramirez)’s mom. From there, Jill checked the bag in her husband’s auto and found evidence of his relationship with Lexy.

Just as when they thought they’re over the dirty works, Jill discovered Diane’s abusive relationship with Enzo (Joem Bascon), whom she punished and threatened. They’ve supported each other since. Diane continued to help take the mistress down. In turn, Jill provided Diane a safer place and protection from Enzo.

With no one else to trust, Jill ran to Diane for comfort upon learning about Lexy’s pregnancy and the latter’s plan to undergo abortion. Over bottles of alcohol, they opened up to each other and plotted their next steps. Jill thought of convincing Lexy to keep the baby, and see what happens next. So she asked Diane to befriend the fancy woman. Diane did, although she wasn’t able to stop Lexy from flying to the States to get rid of the child.   

Like in any other friendship, the tandem also faced a major test when Enzo showed up. He filed charges against Jill and spread malicious stories about her on social media. Despite the scandal, and Jill’s pleas, Diane refused to let go of her boyfriend. Now she’s starting to doubt Jill’s sincerity, and when asked by Sandy (Angeli Bayani) to clear Jill’s reputation out of indebtedness, she hinted at the unknown and seemingly shocking parts of the story.

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