Star Magical Prom 2024: A spellbinding night

It was indeed the night when dreams and fairytales came true.

While it might have been another ordinary day at school, work, or home for many of us since it was a Thursday, but the 14th of March this year was a totally different story for ABS-CBN, its talent arm Star Magic, and some of its young artists. If you’re an avid Kapamilya fan, you would definitely know that it was when the much-awaited Star Magical Prom 2024 was held.

The whimsical star-studded gathering, held at The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa City, was hosted by the dynamic duo of AI dela Cruz and Edward Barber, who also facilitated its inaugural edition last year. They were joined by the talented theater thespian Lance Reblando, who was the gregarious creature behind the “Magic Mirror,” to whom a few of the Star Magic artists got to chat with as they passed through the makeshift mystical forest before stepping into the ivory carpet. 

Since this year’s theme is fairytales, event stylist Dave Sandoval made sure that the venue would leave an ethereal impression to the attendees and livestream viewers alike. The interior marvelously transformed into a dreamy grand ballroom as his team adorned it with dainty white flowers from the ceiling down to the aisle, tables, and walls, while massive rolls of cotton served as cloud canopies. 

Meanwhile, the exterior was divided into three sections – the magical forest, the all-white interview corner where AI got to speak with a handful of attendees and guests, and the hallway where everyone walked on the ivory carpet and had their photos taken before entering the ballroom. The hallway was bedecked with a variety of flowers tucked in green hedge panels that held the LED screens displaying the digital poster of the event.

Majority of the participants paraded with a partner or by group, and only a few marched all by themselves. The first star to appear following a few of the guests and the Star Magic team led by its head, Director Laurenti M. Dyogi, was Krystal Brimner. She was succeeded by some of the up-and-coming artists of Star Magic, such as TNT Boys Francis Concepcion and Mackie Empuerto, Mutya Orquia and Beaver Magtalas, Sheena Belarmino, Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 6 grand winner Lyka Estrella, and former child stars Raikko Mateo, Chunsa Jung, and Sophia Reola.

The Star Magic Charming Princes and Princesses were also introduced, comprised by ex-kiddie actors Marc Santiago, Jana Agoncillo, Andrez del Rosario, Hanna Lopez Vito, Miguel Vergara, and Krystal Mejes; as well as the Rookies composed of Victoria Vega, Nicole San Juan, Eliza Borromeo, and Bryce Andres.

Subsequently, lucky winners of the “Once A Fan A Time” contest were revealed and had their dreams of meeting their Kapamilya idols come true, too. They were Iya Galo, an 18-year-old senior high school student and young entrepreneur from Quezon City who wished to meet Francine Diaz, and Lyron Ocampo, a 20-year-old tourism student and model from Bataan who wished to meet Anji Salvacion. 

Following the successful run of their series early this year, the “Zoomers” barkada made an appearance on the ivory carpet by pair, spearheaded by its lead stars Harvey Bautista and Criza Taa, whose team-up fondly called CrizVey is currently on the rise. In their interview with the Magic Mirror, Harvey confessed how nervous he was during his promposal to Criza, while she confessed how he had been totally helpful in her preparations for the event. 

Our SnoRene hearts were surely filled with kilig when “Can’t Buy Me Love” stars Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings finally appeared. They even got to chat with AI and the Magic Mirror, where they shared their reaction on the staggering impact of their tandem officially called “MaThon” and the secret behind their oozing innate chemistry. The two even enthusiastically took on the challenge of doing an impromptu skit and a pose as their characters Snoop and Irene. 

He might have sashayed on the ivory carpet solo, but it wasn’t really a problem for popular content creator Esnyr Ranollo who stole the show with his custom-made attire, which was the queer version of Ariel, the titular character of “The Little Mermaid,” in another universe. 

New Star Magic artists Yce Navarro, Miggy Jimenez, and Emilio Daez were introduced as well one-by-one, with AI asking them about their experiences in the projects that they used to be or currently a part of. As we all know, Yce is one of the newest additions to FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, Miggy was admired for his portrayal in “Senior High,” wile Emilio will have his acting debut in the upcoming series “Pamilya Sagrado.” Each one of them also showed off their talents that we wish to see more in the coming days!

Former child stars Zaijian Jaranilla delighted their supporters for sure when they attended the prom together. In their interview with AI, they imparted what they miss about “Senior High” and their pieces of advice to present senior high students. 

We were also pleased to see the pairs of Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya, Jeremiah Lisbo and Kaori Oinuma, and Brent Manalo and Vivoree had their respective sweet moments on the ivory carpet. The same went for Pinoy pop group BGYO who surely got their beloved ACEs elated as they dressed up in costumes inspired by the classic tale, “Wizard of Oz”.

‘Fessing up that it’s the first prom they had ever attended in their lives, Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada made sure that their another first together would be very special by being really creative with their ensembles, which were inspired by Princess Ariel and Prince Eric of “The Little Mermaid.”

They were followed by Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin, who recounted their memorable double promposals in Dubai and their experience in recording one of the official soundtracks of the Star Magical Prom 2024, “Tunay.”

Capping off the ivory carpet parade were Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, who strutted in outfits inspired by “Beauty and the Beast.” The Magic Mirror, who revealed himself as an avid DonBelle fan, had them talk about the trending “almost kiss” of their characters Bingo and Caroline in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

A VTR was flashed showing how “Fairy Glam Mothers” Myrrh Lao To (stylist), Muriel Vega Perez (makeup artist), Carrel Garcia (makeup artist), and Patty Yap (stylist), collaborated in transforming the Star Magic Freshies into charming princes and princesses. It was also a homage to the designers, stylists, hair stylists, and makeup artists who generously lent their expertise, skills, and time in making the fairytale dreams of the artists come true. We also got to look back on the kilig promposals this year in another VTR

The event proper was hosted by Edward Barber, which commenced with a short prayer led by him and the heartfelt performance of Francine, Alexa, and Belle of the Star Magical Prom 2024 soundtrack “Believe In Magic (Yakap Mo)”.

Prior to delivering his welcoming remarks, Direk Lauren was greeted by everyone a “Happy Birthday” as he just turned 58 last March 13, including his daughter Lian who even prepared a sweet surprise for him. In his speech, Direk Lauren disclosed that this year’s fairytale theme was actually a dream come true for Star Magic Senior Manager and Marketing Head Alan Real since it was his idea. He also compared the artists’ journey to fairytales and quoted several characters as he gave them nuggets of wisdom and words of encouragement. He reminded them, “Continue to dream big and magical, but journey with courage and a kind heart, and couple it with hard work. And these would definitely lead to a yellow brick road and have a happy ever after.”

A number of pairs then took on the dancefloor for the cotillion led by FranSeth as they performed “Tunay.”

Proceeding to the presenting of the special awards, it was the name of Hadiyah Santos that was mentioned first as she was chosen the “Princess of the Night.” As their sweet cute promposal in Dubai already garnered almost 280 thousand views on YouTube as of this writing, FranSeth’s promposal was named “The Most Viewed.The “Best Promposal,” on the other hand, was awarded to KDLex. 

The “Charming Prince and Princess” sashes and crowns were given to Raikko Mateo and Trisha Gomez, while the “Noble Prince and Princess” were Harvey Bautista and Dalia Varde. Meanwhile, Matthew Cruz and Anji Salvacion were the “Royal Prince and Princess”. 

Star Magical Prom 2024 would certainly be forever special for KDLex as they didn’t only take home one, but three recognitions. Aside from the aforementioned, they were also hailed the “Couple of the Night” and the “Prom King and Queen.” DonBelle, who were last year’s king and queen, bequeathed the titles to them.

The majestic event concluded with KDLex having their sweet dance to “Walang Hanggan,” the Star Magical Prom soundtrack that they sang, and social dance spearheaded by this year’s winners.