WATCH: 5 Mae Cruz-Alviar movie scenes that show the different routes love can take
WATCH: 5 Mae Cruz-Alviar movie scenes that show the different routes love can take

Kilig overload? Emotional rollercoaster? The power of healing and forgiveness? As a romcom maestro, director Mae Cruz-Alviar knows how to convey them all in her modern twists on classic love tropes and relatable family dynamics.  

As a tribute to Direk Mae and her decades-long career in cinema, we’ve compiled five iconic scenes from her films that go beyond the mere portrayal of love and demonstrate her keen understanding of the human heart:

When Louie (Hero Angeles) starts to catch feelings for April (Sandara Park) after seeing how adorable she is as a newbie tour guide in “Bcuz of U”, their frenemy dynamic gradually turns romantic. 

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In “Every Breath U Take”, Leo (Piolo Pascual) is a playboy charmer with a reputation that precedes him. Meeting Majoy (Angelica Panganiban), a hopeless romantic, shakes up the very core of Leo's beliefs. 

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Being fully committed to her fake fiancée role, Rocky (Kim Chiu) pulls a pouty tantrum to get Rocco (Xian Lim) to woo him in front of his grandmother in “Bride for Rent”. 

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Kiko (Daniel Padilla) misinterprets the rebellious act of Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) as seduction, thinking she wants to get him into bed in “Crazy Beautiful You”. 

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In the official 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Rewind”, John (Dingdong Dantes) vows to change his awful ways as a husband, if only to bring his wife Mary (Marian Rivera) back to life. 

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“Rewind”, as of writing, is still showing in cinemas nationwide and internationally! Cheers to Direk Mae for breathing life into these moving love stories! 


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