Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto reunite with a ‘spicy’ twist as exes in ‘Un/Happy For You’ trailer
Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto reunite with a ‘spicy’ twist as exes in ‘Un/Happy For You’ trailer

The official trailer of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia’s much-anticipated reunion film “Un/Happy For You” is finally here — and it’s packed with all the drama and feels you can possibly expect... and more! 

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer gives us a glimpse into the tumultuous relationship between Zy (Julia) and Juancho (Joshua), who ended their four-year romance on bitter terms. 

Right off the bat, we’re hit with some serious tension as Juancho plots his vengeful reconnection with her, venting about how Zy left him high and dry. 

“Hindi lang ako tinarantado ni Zy. Pinabayaan. Binastos. Iniwanan. Iniputan,” he rants, with a dark glint in his eye. 

Egged on by his friends to wreck her life, Juancho decides to serve up a different kind of revenge. At the restaurant where he works, he serves Zy a meal with a sinister grin. His buddies joke about not poisoning her, and Juancho smirks, “Hindi ko lalasunin. Manghihinayang ‘yan." 

Juancho pretends to forgive Zy, telling her, “Hindi na magma-matter apology mo kasi napatawad naman na kita.” But deep inside, he’s thinking, “Wala s’yang karapatang maging masaya.”  

Yet, as they spend more time together, past feelings start bubbling up. Just when you think they might patch things up, Zy drops a major truth bomb: she’s getting married. 

Juancho, at one point while serving drinks in a gathering, lets his true feelings spill: “Ikaw daw ‘yung alak na ‘yan. Zy na lang pangalan n’yan. Masarap ‘yan pero ‘di mo namamalayan, tatamaan ka na d’yan. Traydor ‘yan, eh.” 

Zy’s had enough of the accusations and finally snaps back, “I never cheated on you.”  

She can be heard pouring her heart out amid flashbacks of their time together: “We were together for four years. Hinayaan kong baguhin n’ya ‘ko, ‘yung buhay ko. It’s too much. I don’t wanna go back.” 

The trailer wraps up with a series of gut-wrenching questions: “What if bigyan ng chance? What if hindi na pwede? What if mahal ka pa niya? What if may iba na siya? What if pinaasa ka lang? What if? What now?”  

And just when you think your heart can’t take any more, we see Juancho pleading, “Zy, please. Andito ako, oh! Harapin natin ‘to. Panindigan naman natin ‘to.” 

Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Kookai Labayen, Crystal San Miguel, and Jen Chuaunsu, “Un/Happy For You” promises all the feels and nostalgia, with a hefty dose of reality. 

Catch the movie in theaters this August 14! 

Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER of “Un/Happy For You” here:



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