Enrique Gil makes big screen comeback with comedy film ‘I Am Not Big Bird’
Enrique Gil makes big screen comeback with comedy film ‘I Am Not Big Bird’

Enrique Gil is finally returning to the big screen as he stars in a kind of movie he has never done before: an irreverent comedy film titled “I Am Not Big Bird” under Black Sheep in co-production with Anima Studios. 

The Kapamilya actor unveiled his comeback project during the “New Movie Alert: Enrique” event on Thursday, July 13, where he was joined by the film’s creative team, including writers Joma Labayen and Lilit Reyes, creative manager Kookai Labayen, and director Victor Villanueva. 

“I Am Not Big Bird” will not only mark Enrique’s comeback — it is also extra special for being his first ever full-blown comedy project, which he’s excited about. 

“I’ve always wanted to do a full-blown comedy. So, when they pitched that, sa title pa lang, I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh, genius. I need to do something like this,’” Enrique exclaimed.  

The upcoming Black Sheep movie is actually based on a real-life experience of one of the friends of writer Lilit. Lilit and his friend were constantly swarmed by women every time they attended an event in Thailand, and as it turned out, Lilit’s friend happens to look like a popular Asian porn star.

"So, naisip ko, this is a good premise for a riotous comedy," Lilit shared. 

Enrique will then bring this hilarious story to life in the movie where he will play the character of Luis Carpio. 

“Basically, Big Bird is a famous porn star in Thailand. My character, Luis Carpio, travels to Thailand and doon siya pinagkamalan na si Big Bird, kasi parang identical twins na talaga sila. That's where the adventure begins,” Enrique teased.  

“Hindi ako si Big Bird. But at some point, ako rin ang magiging Big Bird,” he added. 

But more than the film being a riotous comedy, Kookai stressed that the movie will have an “exciting” plot set in the early 2000s, and will be shot mostly in Thailand.  

“This porn star kasi in the story, madami rin talaga siyang mga pinagdadaanan, mga humahabol sa kanya. It makes it an exciting story,” Kookai explained. “We're gonna do it in Bangkok, most of the shots will be in Thailand kasi andoon talaga ‘yung adventures and happenings that you’ll be surprised [with].” 

“It was inspired by a true story. We're gonna see it around 2000s. ‘Yun ‘yung magiging era of this film,” she added. 

Joining Enrique in the movie are some cast members he picked himself, guaranteed to make the movie even more hilarious — Nikko Natividad, Red Ollero, and Pepe Herrera. 

“I Am Not Big Bird” is slated for release in cinemas this year! 

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