Bea Alonzo in her 4 most romantic proposal scenes in movies
Bea Alonzo in her 4 most romantic proposal scenes in movies

We are all witnesses to the many characters Bea Alonzo embodied in her movies. From the once brokenhearted Basha who finally finds her forever in "One More Chance" and "A Second Chance", to the very understanding friend and lover Mariel who learns to forgive amid all the betrayals in "Unbreakable" — her impactful performances make us always root for these characters. 

So, it's no surprise that everyone rooted for her in real life now, as she received a real-life marriage proposal! In celebration of Bea’s recent engagement to her boyfriend, fellow actor Dominic Roque, let us look back at all the times Bea got proposed to in movies before she had her own for-real yet still magical wedding proposal. 

"And I Love You So" 

Oliver's (Derek Ramsay) proposal to Lara (Bea) while they're swimming in the sea might not be the most ideal, but it surely is the most heartfelt. What could be sweeter than two people being so sure of each other as they say "yes" to their forever? 

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"Four Sisters and a Wedding" 

Tristan (Sam Milby) finds the perfect opportunity to propose to Bobbie (Bea Alonzo) when he was giving first aid to her wounded finger. While Bobbie is hesitant at first because of how much Tristan's daughter despises her, not to mention her not having cooking skills, Tristan assures her that he doesn't mind doing that task himself. 

"I'll cook for you every day. Just be my wife every day," Tristan tells her. 

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Nothing screams more romantic than getting a proposal from the love of your life in the middle of a picturesque field of flowers. In the movie, before popping the question, Philip (Paulo Avelino) declares that his girlfriend Lia (Bea) is the only certain thing he wants in his life. 

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What's supposed to be a birthday dinner for Justin's (Richard Gutierrez) mom Helen (Gloria Diaz) turns into a double celebration, when Justin proposes to his girlfriend Mariel (Bea) right then and there. What makes the proposal even more poignant is how they both commit to pursuing their love despite Helen being against their relationship for so long. 

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