4 movie friendships we can't help but stan
4 movie friendships we can't help but stan

Life is already challenging as it is. So, having one solid friend you can lean on can spell all the difference and make life a little bit more bearable. 

Just like our friendships in real life, BFFs in films are a great reminder that we can't get by without a little help from them. From being reliable companions through life's ups and downs, to being confidantes when making the most life-changing decisions, such people are the definition of true #BFFgoals. 

In celebration of International Friendship Day on July 30, here are four BFF tandems in movies that prove forever can exist in friendships! 

Ina and Rowena in ‘Ang Tanging Ina’ movie series 

Ina (Ai Ai delas Alas) and Rowena (Eugene Domingo) might come off as unserious, but their ride or die friendship is truly an admirable one. They never let each other do the trickiest things alone (including the craziest ones!), and they always got each other’s back, literally and figuratively. 

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Erika and Emman in ‘Beauty and the Bestie’ 

Erika (Vice Ganda) and Emman (Coco Martin) went from being the best of friends to mortal enemies when they put an end to their friendship in the past. But when a huge problem arises involving Emman, Erika doesn’t think twice about helping him in his secret mission. 

Things may have been hard for them in their efforts to rekindle their friendship, but they still manage to reconcile – and that proves how second chances are also vital in friendships! 

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Benjie and Ronnie in ‘Kusina Kings’ 

From dreaming of having their own restaurant to finally realizing that dream, BFFs Benjie (Empoy Marquez) and Ronnie (Zanjoe Marudo) manage to do so with each other's 100% support. And while it hasn't been easy for them to sustain their business, given all the scandals, accidents, and threats they face, their friendship and trust make it possible for them to overcome any hurdle, and make their own mark in the resto scene. 

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Mariel and Deena in ‘Unbreakable’ 

BFFs Mariel (Bea Alonzo) and Deena (Angelica Panganiban) are proof that some of the best things happen unexpectedly – and in their case, it’s the friendship! From celebrating each other’s milestones to being each other’s “one call away” friend, their bond is the kind we would love to manifest in real life. And while their friendship faces a major setback, they keep true to their promise that nothing – not even a man – can tear them apart. 

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