Tao Po: Baron Geisler

Those who grew up between the mid-‘90s up to early 2000s would know that Baron Geisler, who is currently one of the cast of the well-loved Kapamilya primetime series Senior High, was among the most popular young stars of his generation. 

Just like some of the seasoned artists that we look up to at present, his showbiz career was born through the youth-oriented variety program Ang TV. It was succeeded by his remarkable stints in classic series, such as Esperanza (1997), Gimik (1997), and Tabing Ilog (1999), as well as unforgettable flicks, like Ang TV the Movie: The Adarna Adventure (1996), Anak (2000), and Jologs (2002), through which he’s able to showcase and develop his acting chops. 

As years went by, his star continues to shine as she wowed us with his versatility as an actor via his appearances in other Kapamilya series, such as Mars Ravelo's Dyesebel (2008) and Nathaniel (2015). 

However, despite his status, it’s noticeable that Baron didn’t get invited to any Kapamilya event, including the prestigious ABS-CBN Ball, to which he’d been banned for 14 years. And after waiting for his invitation for more than a decade, it finally came this year as he shared on social media his excitement to “thank the bosses personally and to have a wonderful time with my colleagues celebrating each one’s achievements.”

To mark this momentous milestone, the seasoned actor tapped his close friend and most trusted fashion designer Avel Bacudio to make him a handsome suit. And he brought us to one of his visits to Avel’s atelier for his recent interview with the Kapamilya news and current affairs program Tao Po.

Baron and Avel, who regard one another as one of a kind, told interviewer Jeff Canoy how their friendship goes a long way back as they’ve known each other since the ‘90s. Thus, even though he’s been swamped by work, he still made sure to make time for his friend’s request.

“Matatanggihan mo ba ‘yong kaibigan mo na parang halos hindi mo na makita ‘yong mundo pero nandoon siya. So, I think trine-treasure ko ‘yong mga bagay na ‘yon,” Avel stated, to which Baron retorted, “So, very grateful ako.”

The Kapamilya actor, who was overwhelmed by his emotions for his grand comeback on the ABS-CBN Ball then went on to talk about his controversial and problematic past. 

“Wala na e. Wala akong career, wala akong magulang. Ako na lang nag-iisa sa buhay, parang wala na akong drive to live. Araw-araw akong umiinom, I was slowly killing myself,” he opened up about his difficult two-decade battle with inebriety and drugs.  

Thankfully, there was a person who saved Baron from his addictions and continues to help him get through with life – his psychologist-turned-wife Jamie and their beloved family. But it was the arrival of their daughter Talitha that brought significant changes in his life. 

“Simula ng lumabas si Talitha sa mundo, doon maraming nagbago, [tulad ng] pananaw. ‘Yong duty ko is to serve, to serve and protect also my family. So now, mas clear ‘yong vision ko kung ano ang dapat kong gawin. Since father ka, you need to lead by example,” he stated.

Going through drastic transformation in life is truly challenging, thus he admitted that he used to only pretend that he’s already a changed man before. He was so in denial of his mental health problem, his past sins and mistakes, and his transgressions towards the people around him. Some of them agreed to make amends with him and even gave him recommendations that could help him beat his illness.

However, the fight against his addictions doesn’t end by just stopping them, but he also has to tackle the doubts and stigma that come with it. When asked by Jeff how he feels about the derogatory remarks that he still receives due to his previous reputation, Baron said that he’s actually just okay with those since he’s still on the road to full recovery. He disclosed that, in fact, it took him five years reach the current state that he’s at.

The actor also confessed having relapses a number of times, especially now that his based here in Manila to work, while his family is in Cebu. And in order to overcome those instances, he would have self-talks to remind himself why he’s putting himself again in that predicament and jeopardizing the opportunity granted to him in order to change.

Thus, he’s grateful for his friends in the industry, such as his castmates in the primetime series Senior High who have been his strong support group. In fact, he imparted that co-star Sylvia Sanchez and director Andoy Ranay reminded him not to take at least a shot of liquor at the ABS-CBN Ball.

Baron’s appearance at the ABS-CBN Ball was indeed a great testament that a person’s worth should not be measured based on his mistakes and his tumultuous past, but on how he rose up from the ashes and his willingness to change himself for the better. In the end, all of us are only humans who go through the never-ending cycle of transformation. 

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