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Karylle joins relatives from Amy’s side

The It’s Showtime hosts call each other family because of their close bond strengthened over the years. Even new members would easily feel at home since they all work together six times a week. But, did you know two of them are relatives? Amy Perez is Karylle’s ‘tyang’ by blood! 

Amy explained their family tree in a vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel “Fun Fun Tyang Amy”. In the video, we see the Perezes meeting up at a mall for a Sunday lunch out to celebrate a special occasion. Amy was with her parents whom they fondly call Mamadal and Papadal, her kids, plus couple Karylle and Yael Yuzon. She said people might get confused why Karylle was there, so she explained that they are relatives.

Amy’s dad and Zsa Zsa Padilla’s mom are siblings. This makes them first cousins, so Karylle is Amy’s niece. Karylle even spent most of her childhood with the Perezes, as mentioned in an episode of "It's Sharetime" benefit show.  

Side trivia: Amy and Zsa Zsa are also cousins with FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano star Lorna Tolentino. This makes Karylle and Lorna’s sons Rap and Renz Fernandez second degree cousins. And the Fernandez-Padilla showbiz lineage gets longer from here.

As the video continues, the family is seen bantering while waiting for their food to be served. Yael obviously gets along well with the Perezes. Amy even calls him ‘favorite’ because he’s able to answer anything she asks about either by stock knowledge or his quick internet skills. He also bantered with Amy’s youngest son Seyah and at one point taught them basic Korean words he learned from Korean hairdressers. Another trivia shared in the vlog is that Karylle graduated valedictorian at OB Montessori.

After their lunch, they had dessert (Yael’s treat!) in a coffee shop. Yael got to know the Perezes more by sharing stories with them and engaging in a joke time with Amy’s dad, Abet aka Papadal.

Amy and Karylle proved talent runs in the blood when they won last year’s “Magpasikat” with teammate Kim Chiu. Catch more of their vibrant presence and wit in It’s Showtime, Monday to Saturday, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.