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13 funny, touching moments of Vice and Jhong on It’s Showtime that show their solid bond

Before their lives begin to intertwine 13 years ago via It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario used to thread on different paths. The former was a popular stand-up comedian, while the latter has been a member of the iconic Pinoy dance group Streetboys.

Although both of them have already appeared in several television programs and movies, it was only through their stints in the long-running noontime show as resident hurados-turned-hosts that they’re able to create a fantastic bond, not to mention becoming the best of friends eventually.

Aside from simply astounding us with their exceptional talents, this dynamic duo has also made our stomachs hurt out of laughing so hard to their funny antics and hilarious banters every time they’re together. We may have missed their tandem a number of times, especially when Jhong had to temporarily leave It’s Showtime for around a year to focus on his family as he and partner Maia welcomed their firstborn Sarina in March 2021, but they’re able to make up for the lost time when he made a surprise comeback last June.

And now, let’s look back on Jhong and Vice comical and touching moments that prove how absolutely unbreakable their friendship is in this Kapamilya Toplist!

The Unkabogable Star and Sample King are indeed both fond of teasing each other without getting hurt as they’re obviously used to the funny remarks that the other throws. Being the new generation “Petrang Kabayo,” Jhong would always associate Vice to any “horse” or “kabayo” jokes. In return, Vice would always jestingly tag Jhong as a “monkey” or compare him to a tarsier or a fish because of his huge yet expressive eyes.

There are also instances when they would poke fun at one another’s #OOTDs or appearances, as well as the way the other behaves or moves on the stage, with matching physical hosting sometimes.

It may be often all fun and games for Vice and Jhong, but there are times that they could be sweet with each other, either on-cam or off-cam.

On Jhong’s birthday last August 11, it was not only his heart that was touched by the Unkabogable Star’s greetings, but ours as well, as he expressed how grateful he is of his existence and of their unique ways of showing love to one another.

Dahil sa mga taong katulad mo, who has been a wonderful friend and partner to a lot of people, mas nagiging posibleng maka-survive, mas nagiging posibleng mapanatiling positibo ang araw kahit ang daming daot sa paligid. You are that one good friend na ang laki ng bagay sa puso at buhay ng napakaraming tao dahil pinapagaan mo ang buhay namin. Ako, specifically and personally, pinapagaan mo ang buhay ko,” Vice expressed.

Of course, who would forget how Vice got totally surprised and emotional when Jhong made his remarkable comeback in the show last June? A clear proof of not just how much they missed each other, but how they also value each other’s presence as part of their ever-evolving but gregarious family.

May we all have the same kind of friendship that Vice and Jhong have in our lives as well – the kind that is unconditional, genuine, and unbreakable.

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