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Vice Vhong, Ogie’s fun moments Showtime

‘Dynamic duos’ on TV are good sources of entertainment and laughter. There’s something striking in the talent and meaningful relationship between two partners who learn to put their heads together to create harmonizing, rib-tickling comedy. That’s the case of Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro, whose banters and antics on It’s Showtime brought us a decade’s worth of laughter.

But add another one into the group, in the person of OPM icon – and don’t we dare forget a sitcom virtuoso – Ogie Alcasid, and we get three times the hilarity and ‘kulit!’ Three’s a crowd? Not for Vice, Vhong, and Ogie! Let’s look back on some of their funniest moments in It’s Showtime via this feature.





Vice, Vhong, and newest It’s Showtime family member Ogie perfectly blend as a trio but for the sake of punchlines, two must gang up on the other. In their case, Vhong and Ogie love to play brothers teaming up to prank and poke fun at Vice, and the latter would take his playful acts of revenge resulting in hilarious chaos. In the first clip, Vice clapped back at Ogie, “Paano kayo naging magkapatid, eh habaan siya tapos bilugan ka?” targeting the singer’s height. He chased the two on stage and grabbed Ogie, who could only quip, “Maawa na kayo sa akin!”

Often, their attempt to prank the Unkabogable Star backfires, such as when Vhong’s hand got stuck between Vice’s legs while trying to carry him up.

Besides the comic chops, the trio also like to combine their overflowing talent in performing. They’d break into rap and dance numbers in the middle of hosting “Showtime Sexy Babe” segment, and one time, Ogie’s pants sagged mid-floorwork, to which Vice reacted, “Nakita ko ‘yung alkansya ni Nate, ang dumi!”

Their spontaneous dance numbers keep viewers hooked. In a clip, the hosts demoed the proper way of lifting, which ended with Vice’s slight overstretching ‘injury,’ and in another episode Vice taught his friends the “Paru-Paro G” dance trend, but not without the laugh-out-loud antics.

Ogie, who also doubles as a TNT hurado, would repeatedly remind his co-hosts that he’s a respected OPM artist but still gamely offers himself as the butt of jokes. The singer-songwriter also obliged to be dragged around the stage in an attempt to replicate his ‘alkansya’ breakdance.

In most impromptu sketches, Ogie is sandwiched between the other two comedians as Vhong plays the blame game on their pranks, such as when they exited the stage while Vice was singing with his eyes closed.

Proving their commitment to making the madlang people happy, the trio never mind engaging in exaggerated physical activities for the sake of fun. Since Ogie is the shortest, he’s often the target of Vice and Vong’s practical humor, enabling them to push him under a small table backstage shown in the last clip from this video montage. 

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