Kira Balinger as Luna in Darna

When Luna (Kira Balinger) made her way from Planet Marte to Nueva Esperanza, she stunned everyone with her beauty and fierce combat skills. But, even after she has introduced herself as Zora/Leonor (Iza Calzado)’s apprentice and has shown kindness to the Custodio family, some fans still think her character is wrapped in enigma. It’s especially hard not to speculate about her character after the appearance of Darna (Jane de Leon)’s imposter in the recent episode. 

What’s the truth about Luna? Before we get to clarify our hunches, Kapamilya Toplist elevates our excitement with this compilation of her best scenes in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

Luna was a big question mark when she entered the show. In incognito, she watched as Darna fought Valentina (Janella Salvador) and waited for the perfect time to attack the protector of the magical white stone. With her superpowers and extraordinary fight skills, Luna was an even match to Darna. But then again, the main hero knocked her down. She mentioned Zora, saying the latter is the only protector of the stone and the one she just fought is an imposter. 

The mention of Zora’s name turned Darna from beast mode to friendly and introduced herself as Zora’s daughter. She even transformed into Narda to prove her identity to Luna. An alliance was born. The two vowed to work together to eradicate all traces of chrysalis in Nueva Esperance, the green crystal shards that transform humans into Extras. 

Narda decided to take Luna in as they work on their mission. They lived like sisters. After all, they were ‘raised’ by the same woman. Narda felt Luna’s pain when the latter cried looking at Leonor’s photo. 

There are scenes of Luna learning the ropes of human living, trying human food, and interacting with real people. Such instances appeared too adorable as Luna gets along with Lola Berta (Rio Locsin), as well as Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla), who promised to introduce her to Korean dramas and anime. There are also scenes where Luna tasted Lola Berta’s special adobo recipe and tried ‘pancit’ which she thought were snakes. The Martean warrior thought she saw a monster in a stray dog outside the Custodio abode. Then, they took the dog in and Luna named it Dusky. 

Luna was also introduced to Narda’s neighbors as her cousin who is taking up the licensure exam for engineers. Of course, everyone was enchanted to meet the warrior with a goddess-like beauty. 

Her visit to Narda at the Vanguardia Rescue Building was a memorable one, too, as she met Brian (Joshua Garcia). Meanwhile, Richard (LA Santos) was lovestruck, so fans noticed the chemistry and started shipping the two. 

Luna showcases brilliant action scenes, this time, as Narda’s coach. Everything she learned from Zora, she passes down to Narda since the latter only had limited time training with her mother. They picked up from where Narda and Leonor left off, with Luna teaching proper stance, skills, and most especially, the true heart of a warrior. 

Her combat expertise also came in handy when Valentina attacked Noah (Paolo Gumabao) after the latter’s visit to the Custodios. Luna boldly helped Narda fight the Serpent Queen.

Viewers started calling Darna and Luna a power duo. However, interpretations have gone wild after watching a teaser for an upcoming episode wherein Narda seemingly spots similarities between the fake Darna and Luna.

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