Brian finds out Narda’s secret

The secret is finally out and romance is now blooming between Narda (Jane De Leon) and Brian (Joshua Garcia) after he discovered Narda’s alter-ego Darna amid a life-and-death incident in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna.”

Narda transformed to become Darna in order to save Brian from dying in last Monday’s (December 12) episode and it was then that the police officer understood what Narda’s big responsibility was that had been keeping her from getting into a relationship with him.



Will this development affect Narda’s relationship with her best friend Regina/ Valentina (Janella Salvador), who is back on a killing streak as she tries to find Darna’s real identity?

Regina even got more triggered with resentment over Darna after she dropped by an art exhibit for heroes featuring real-life series’ fans and Darna and Valentina cosplayers Jay Cayabyab and Andy Crocker, respectively, where Darna defeated Valentina in an act.  She also saw a sculpture displayed made by Pinoy artist Jef Ablea that depicts that Darna is superior over Valentina. 

With Ding’s (Zaijian Jaranilla) help in investigating the recent victims of Valentina, Narda is also busy trying to uncover the human alter-ego behind her arch-enemy. Can Narda finally succeed or will her friendship with Regina hinder her from discovering the truth



Meanwhile, more powerful Extras arise in Nueva Esperanza with Andrei (Young JV) and Noah (Paolo Gumabao) getting superpowers while brewing with anger over their misfortune.  



Find out in “Darna,” available weeknights at 8 pm on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, CineMo, A2Z, and TV5.