• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle reaction BingLing almost-kiss

We bet “Can’t Buy Me Love”’s Episode 105 sent you giddy over that scene of Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (Belle Mariano) so close to kissing! Well, you are not alone, as even DonBelle’s co-stars couldn’t help but feel the excitement watching that scene. 

The episode shows BingLing surrounded by the beautiful blooms of La Sifonia when Bingo noticed that Caroline was feeling cold, so he tried to warm her up by sharing his jacket. Spark could be felt in the air as the characters leaned in closer, their faces almost touching, on the brink of a kiss... until the episode abruptly ended. Ah, the thrill of cliffhangers! 

In the reaction video, the “Can’t Buy Me Love” cast members had the realest, funniest comments. Darren Espanto jestingly dubbed Bingo’s move of sharing his jacket with Ling as “pasimple,” something which Alora Sasam had a hilarious remark as well, saying, “Para namang stretchable ‘yung jacket niya.” LOL! 

During the moment when Caroline sweetly uttered, “I’m okay,” just before they exchanged passionate stares, the rest of the cast couldn’t help but beam with ‘kilig’ smiles, sensing the genuine chemistry between the characters. “I love it,” gushed Karina Bautista. Meanwhile, Joao Constancia and Gello Marquez needed a moment to mentally prepare for the ‘kiss’ they thought was going to happen. 

We’re giving the Funniest Reactor Award to Alora, who picked up on the scene’s every detail, even DonBelle’s visual. “Ang tangos ng ilong,” she cheered as the tandem’s faces drew closer. 

Donny and Belle, who reacted to their scene as well, revealed that some of their lines were improvised and Director Mae Cruz-Alviar was on the sidelines instructing them to get their faces really close. 

Kaila Estrada and Vivoree Esclito maintained their graceful demeanor even while feeling kilig. However, like the rest of the cast, they couldn't hide their disappointment when the scene ended too abruptly, leaving them wanting more. Alora said that she would’ve pushed BingLing to finally seal the deal if only her character, Bierna, had been included in the scene. 

“’Yun na ‘yon? Hindi nila itutuloy?” asked Karina. Well, this ‘bitin’ BingLing moment only adds to our excitement for tonight’s episode! 

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