2 Good 2 Be True Finale Review

From being two strangers who initially used to hate one another, we’ve witnessed how the characters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla – Ali and Eloy – went on to become one of the strongest and most admirable tandem we’ve ever known. And after all the challenges and setbacks, it is all’s well that ends well for the characters of 2 Good 2 Be True!

And true to its “Finale 2 Remember” tagline, the episodes in its last week will arguably remain in our hearts and minds for a long time because of how truly delighting and satisfying it was.


The “2 satisfying 2 forget” finale

The happenings leading to finale were indeed heartbreaking and tear-jerking. As the investigation regarding the death of Eloy’s mother Miriam (Mickey Ferriols) many years ago continued to have developments with the arrest of Atty. Ramon Evangelista (Raul Montesa) and of the mechanic who was hired to cut the brakes of Fred’s vehicle (Romnick Sarmenta), it had a shocking twist when they both spoke about the involvement of Ali’s father Joey (Kempee de Leon) as the middleman, which ensued to his arrest.





In their one-on-one conversation at the precinct, Ali wasn’t able to conceal how disappointed and hurt she was upon hearing Joey’s confession that he indeed connived with Helena (Gloria Diaz) and Evangelista and only used Ali to infiltrate Eloy’s family, yet he also yearned to get closer to her at the same time after years of being estranged. It was really a heart-rending moment that showed Kathryn and Keempee’s dramatic chops, especially when Joey insisted that he’s telling the truth and he had nothing to do with the murder of Eloy’s mom, which Ali was hesitant to believe at that time.

Although it was devastating, the couple still agreed to relay the news to Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez) and to Fred. As Ali expressed how completely sorry she was, Lolo Sir consoled her by saying that she didn’t have to and that it’s Helena who must pay. Meanwhile, as Capt. Rafael Rosales and his team went to Helena’s house to ask if Joey’s testimony regarding her being the mastermind of the crime was true, she strongly denied it.

The following day, we found ourselves in for another heart-wrenching scene as Hugo suffered another Alzheimer’s episode, which Jill (Alyssa Muhlach) was able to witness. Although she betrayed him for being the mole of Helena at the mansion, she found out straight from her grandpa never resented her, as he, instead, wanted to make amends with her since he, too, had done her wrong and they’re also a family after all. Besides, she still saw her as his most dependable righthand as she was the one who he was actually looking for that moment. 

That scene struck a chord in Ali, which reminded her of the efforts that her father did to her ever since they got reunited. It made her consider that Joey might be telling the truth and that he indeed could be the “fall guy,” which irked Eloy as she seemingly wanted to get her problematic dad out of this mess. But Ali reasoned out that she just didn’t want the same mistake that happened to Fred to ever happen again. 





Meanwhile, her mom Margie (Gelli de Belen) confronted Joey, in which she expressed how mad and regretful she was for allowing him to get near to their daughter again. He asserted anew that he didn’t expect that this would be the result of his connivance with Helena and Evangelista as he only did it to earn money and get close to them again. Nevertheless, she’s extremely upset that every decision he did in life always end up hurting Ali.

As Ali attempted to seek the help of Capt. Rosales about her suspicion, this caused a misunderstanding between her and Eloy. While Eloy saw Joey’s arrest as a glimmer of hope for his mother’s case to be completely resolved, Ali was doing it to save another life from being wrongfully accused of a crime that he didn’t commit. 

Thus, despite the grudges she had against her father, Ali still went out of her way to help prove Joey's innocence with the help of her mom and her sister Pat (Bianca De Vera). On the other hand, Eloy and his friends also joined forces to search for evidences that would convince Ali otherwise. Meanwhile, Jill and Lolo Hugo made amends after the taciturn Jill finally talked to Lolo Hugo and apologized for what she had done. 

Ali had the chance to talk to her half-sister Princess to convince her to help them in proving the innocence of their dad, however she refused to divulge her true identity and told her that she’s the assistant of Joey’s attorney. Princess might have declined at first because of her own resentment towards him, but she agreed in the end and gave the evidences needed by Ali in hopes of having Joey back in their lives.

During the hearing, which was attended by both the couple’s families yet they were on opposite sides, Ali wasn’t able to hold back her emotions after Evangelista mocked her upon submitting another testimony corroborating the sworn statement of Zaldy, the mechanic they hired to commit the crime, that would further pin Joey. Hugo pacified her by saying that it’s exactly what Helena had ever wanted to happen.

Atty. Roma Badayos’ (Agot Isidro) assistant Atty. Joseph San Pedro (Elmo Magalona) just came right in time with Jill, who finally mustered the courage to speak up against Evangelista and Helena and confess everything she knew about their wicked plans as she used to work for her briefly.





Ali and Hugo had an emotional conversation, wherein he gifted her with a personalized stethoscope with “Ali (heart) Lolo Sir” engraved on its binaural spring. She told him how she made her more determined to become a great doctor, while Lolo Sir thanked her for helping him heal and for teaching him how to love again. Afterwards, she and Eloy also had the chance to speak with each other to sort out the problems surrounding their relationship, but they realized that they must learn how to compromise and fully accept each other first.

Helena met up with Eloy and Hugo to relay to them that the Investments and Securities Commission had already decided to overturn the sale of his shares in Horizon Grand, as well as his appointment of Eloy as chairman. She tried to bargain to them by offering to return the company to them if they would stop the investigations and drop the charges against her. However, Hugo was not keen to negotiate and was firm to make her pay for all her crimes.

Just as the court issued warrant of arrest against Helena, Hugo suddenly collapsed upon arriving at the mansion. It compelled Ali to abandon her medical school interview to attend to her beloved Lolo Sir. Fortunately, Kap Rosales and his troop were able to catch Helena on her way to escaping and had her detained. Her former accomplice Eric (Nor Domingo) had also testified against her.

They figured out that Helena apparently poisoned Hugo by having him drink water spiked with a substance that could cause stroke when taken in huge doses. As Hugo traverses between life and death, he got reunited with his wife Olivia (Ina Raymundo) and daughter Hannah (Michelle Vito), to whom he almost went with. After being pronounced dead, Hugo miraculously got back to life and was eventually able to recover and go home. He and Eloy also had a heart-to-heart talk, in which the latter finally called him “lolo” for the first time.





Upon learning that her plan to kill her brother once again failed, Helena lost her mind and was admitted to a mental health institution. Evangelista, on the other hand, got incarcerated, too.





Five years later, Ali fulfilled her dream of becoming a neurologist, while Eloy became an attorney. Hugo visited Helena and expressed how apologetic and regretful he was for the wrong things that he did to her ever since they were young. And despite being mentally ill, it seemed that Helena understood everything that he said. Kap Rosales and Margie also tied the knot through a civil ceremony





Since she’s long been ready to marry Eloy, Ali told Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez) during one of their conversations that she would be the one to propose to his grandson. However, being the number one supporter of their tandem, Lolo Sir didn’t let that happen as he secretly relayed her plan to Eloy.

So, in order to surprise Ali, their families and friends connived to make the proposal happen. Unbeknown to Ali, they had helped Eloy to pull off the greatest trick of a lifetime, which took place at the hill where their romantic feelings for each other seemingly started to grow. It may have taken them five years, but it was all worth it as Ali bestowed her “Oo, naman. Yes!” to him.  As they’d witnessed how the two exerted their efforts to make their relationship work, their families and friends had nothing but happiness for both of them.

It was indeed all’s well that ends well as everyone had a happy ending. From being an online live seller, Margie became an entrepreneur and general manager of her own beauty and skincare line, with Pat helping her with the promotions. Kap Rosales, meanwhile, retired from the police force and established his own private investigation firm. 





Fred, Heart (Irma Adlawan), and Ben (Earl Ignacio) were able to expand their buy and sell and auto repair shop venture as business partners, which was also Fred’s way of supporting his fellow parolees. At the same time, Lola Heart became the barangay captain of Purok Onse.

Meanwhile, Lolo Hugo’s angels also had their happy endings. Tino (Hyubs Azarcon) and Chubs (Via Antonio) became parents to twins and two more babies. Tino still worked for Eloy, while Chubs put up her own eatery. On the other hand, Gemma (Pamu Pamorada) and Jomari (Andrew Gan) got engaged, while Queenie (Mary Joy Apostol) was still the private nurse-slash-tourist guide of the three lolos, who traditionally go on a roadtrip together every year.

While running his own law firm, Eloy serves as the chairman of New Horizon Realty, while Jill became the CEO. She also got engaged with Joseph, to whom she’s been with for three years already. With regards to Eloy’s friends, Red (Yves Flores) graduated Criminology and works for Kap Rosales’s private investigation firm. His relationship with Tox, who went back to school and took up BA International Studies Major In Japanese, is getting stronger. Daddy Ays, meanwhile, was able to expand his computer shop business.

And for our main couple Eloy and Ali, despite being married already, their duties in their respective professions still comes first before themselves and their time for each other. Indeed, there are just some things that never change.


The “2 remarkable” performances, presentations we will miss

When 2 Good 2 Be True was yet to premiere then, the cast promised that it was going to be a “feel good” series. And true enough, it went on to become the well-loved and most watched series both on free TV and online because aside from being a KathNiel comeback serye, its beautifully-written light narrative and the unmistakable chemistry of the cast are what made the audience hooked with it in the past six months. It lived up to its promise until the last episode of its “Finale 2 Remember.”

As it tackled law-related topics or medical-related scenarios, the viewers commended how the creators and actors really did their research and even made efforts to properly execute those scenes so on-point. Aside from the protagonists, the supporting characters were given the spotlight, too, which amusing and heartwarming stories added color and flavor to this one-of-a-kind teleserye. 

We also loved how they didn’t just focus on Kathryn and Daniel’s characters Ali and Eloy, but introduced other team-ups that we ended up unexpectedly adoring at the same time. Furthermore, the value of family and sense of community that it presented is endearing as well, making it more difficult to move on from this series. 

More than the elements we’ve mentioned, another thing that we admired about 2 Good 2 Be True is its stellar cast ensemble, who didn’t fall short in astounding us with their compelling and remarkable portrayals of their respective characters. The younger cast members impressed us with their acting chops, while the seasoned and veterans were all worthy to be showered with praises because of their laudable performances. We couldn’t imagine other actors playing their roles, especially Ronaldo Valdez for Hugo.

The same goes to the staff and crew, especially to top-caliber director Mae Cruz-Alviar and their pool of brilliant writers – led by Denise O’Hara – Jaja Amarillo, Jaymar Santos-Castro, and Raymund Barcelon for coming up with this awesome series that is “2 good 2 be missed” in this lifetime. 

Of course, it’s also important to note that after over a decade of being together on-and-off-screen, KathNiel still has that “magic” to completely captivate us and make us get hooked in everything that they do. Thus, it’s really undeniable that everything they do turns into gold. We have also observed how both of them have improved when it comes to showing their versatility in acting.

And somehow, our Kapamilya netizens on Twitter share the same sentiments – as seen in these tweets:



Takeaways that are 2 relatable 2 be forgotten

Just like in any series or movies, 2 Good 2 Be True has also imparted us a few lessons in life. Aside from amusing us with the shenanigans and antics of the characters and the unexpected lovestories, as well as making us kilig with KathNiel everytime they appear on-screen together, it also reminded us the value of family, friends, and community. 

We may tend to overlook those sometimes because of the problems and ordeals that we’re going through, but we actually have people in our lives who we could lean or cling to whenever life gets hard for us. They’re the ones who would hold our hands, pat us on the back, give us a warm hug, and/or lend us an ear when the going gets tough – as what we’ve seen in the relationships of Eloy and Ali with their respective families and friends.

Moreover, it also teaches us the value of forgiveness, which should be given regardless if the person who did us wrong apologized to us or not. It may not be easy to do, especially if the mistake committed was severe or if the person who crossed us is someone dear to us, but we have to do it if we can for our own peace of mind and heart. 

It reiterated as well the oft-quoted adage “everyone deserves a second chance”, as what we had seen on Hugo, Joey, and Jill. They may have misbehaviors or transgressions that are hard to forgive, but their loved ones still chose to forgive them because they showed how willing they were to change their ways and correct their mistakes. And besides, they are family after all.

Meanwhile, the love story of Eloy at Ali made us realize the importance of making compromises in every relationship and of completely accepting our partners for who they are and not forcing them to change in order for a relationship to work and be successful. We must also be happy and cheer for our partners everytime they chase their dreams or fulfill their goals in life. After all, we should love and be proud of them for having their own thing, right?

Congratulations on the successful run, 2 Good 2 Be True fam!