Kaila Estrada reacts to most trending, powerful scenes on Viral Scandal

Among the impressive lineup of new faces that has emerged in the teleserye scene, one breakthrough actress has stood out among them.

She is Kaila Estrada, daughter of renowned, seasoned showbiz veterans Janice de Belen and John Estrada, who plays Raven Ramones in the much talked about primetime drama Viral Scandal. Her powerful, deeply felt portrayal of her character drew praise left and right, and this made her show much promise for future dramatic outings.

Kaila appears in this episode of Kapamilya React to detail her reactions to her most trending scenes in Viral Scandal.

In the first featured video wherein Raven told everyone in Balai Arkitektura how much of a “disgusting liar” Rica (Charlie Dizon) is for implicating her cousin Jigs for molestation in the scandalous video that went viral online. Raven reacted quite amusingly with her performance in the scene, saying that it showed how “perfect her bangs” appeared, and the extent of her imbibing that “maldita” attitude.

Kaila added there were times she would contemplate on how she would effectively portray such a character, given that Raven’s “maldita moments” was really far-off from her real-life personality. To do this, Kaila said, she “fell in love being Raven” and that she immersed herself with the understanding of all what the character went through. She said she felt she was really Raven.

On the scenes that she most happily portrayed in Viral Scandal, Kaila said they were those wherein she showed how much a “maldita” she is because it was fun to play around with those types of scenes. As for the most difficult scenes she did on the Kapamilya teleserye, she identified those parts when she exhibited Raven’s vulnerability despite her cold, ruthless demeanor.

In the second scene wherein Raven confronted her dad Troy (Jake Cuenca) castigating him for always defending Rica, who turned out to be her half-sister, Kaila revealed it was an emotional milestone for her because this was the first scene her father John Estrada watched her portray that role. She said John sent her a video of him watching the scene, and told her that he finally saw her onscreen and that he was so proud of her.

On the precious lessons she learned from her Viral Scandal co-stars, she said Dimples Romana advised her to relax, because if the body is not relaxed it was difficult to do scenes. Jake Cuenca, meanwhile, told her not to cry in every scene, and that she should savor the moment, while picking the right time when to show the vulnerability of her character. Maxene Magalona, for her part, recommended that she meditates and reflects on the character she is playing so that she could be in tune with her emotions.

The third scene was shown wherein Raven heartbreakingly received the cold treatment and shrugged off by Kyle (Joshua Garcia), who she admitted to be in love with for the longest time. In the intense scene, Raven asked if it was because he liked Rica, who had been mired in that controversial sex video. Kyle boldly told Raven that he indeed was interested in pursuing Rica, who he said was strong, brave, and kindhearted. “Malayong malayo sa’yo, Miss Ramones,” Kyle told Raven bluntly.

Reacting to that scene, Kaila said she could not help but cringe over it because she admitted she was at a loss on how to do that scene with Joshua, but she said she was happy how it turned out. She also disclosed how she gave so much effort in preparing for that scene, given its level of difficulty.

In the last scene on this edition of Kapamilya React seen as Kaila’s most powerful centerpiece dramatic scene on Viral Scandal, Raven went ballistic and told Rica to “stop ruining my life” as she could not understand why the two men most important to her—Kyle and Troy— have been “so obsessed” with Rica. Their spat ended up with an intense physical altercation. This, Kaila said, was her most unforgettable scene of all, given that it was the peak of Raven’s alcoholism, resentment towards her family, and jealousy of Rica. This, she declared, was her most challenging scene.

Kaila divulged that she and Charlie worked on executing the scene effectively prior to the taping by throwing lines off set, and that the actual physical choreography of their face-off was the only thing they needed to do on the set. She said they made it a point to execute that physically demanding scene without hurting each other.

Watch more of Kaila’s honest reactions to her most trending scenes on Viral Scandal in this episode of Kapamilya React.

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