Shane Bernabe bares 3 things she aims to improve about herself for the upcoming Sing-Offs

Three-chair turner Shane Bernabe once again captured the heart of Coach Bamboo after it was her who he chose to move on to the next round of competitions of The Voice Kids Season 5.

She and her Kamp Kawayan teammates Chaelna Magnaye and Charyl Pardo may all have delivered their astounding renditions of the anthemic pop-rock hit “Next In Line” by After Image during the Battle Rounds, but it was the “Fantastic Fangirl” who dominated their showdown after the OPM Rock Royalty declared her as his pick.

In her The Voice Kids DigiTV guesting, Shane disclosed to hosts Elha Nympha and Lorraine Galvez that Coach Bamboo is actually fun to work with since he really focused on teaching them during their rehearsals. And one of the things they zeroed in and tried to do was their diction because they found it difficult to pronounce some of the lyrics of “Next In Line.”

As we witnessed how they cried after Coach Bamboo’s announcement, we probably deduced that the three girls are well-bonded off-cam. The 12-year-old artist revealed that she, Chaelna, and Charyl usually did it by continuing their practice even after their rehearsals, as well as drawing.

With regards to the most remarkable advice she has gotten from their mentor, it would really be perfecting her diction, especially when singing English songs. Thus, she promised to further improved it, as well as her chest voice and hitting the high notes, in order to do better in the Sing Offs.

Being the second grand champion of The Voice Kids Philippines, Elha advised her to practice more and work on improving her breathing.

See how Shane will thrive in the next rounds of the competitions by not missing an episode of The Voice Kids Season 5, Saturdays and Sundays, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.