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15 times Emmanuelle Vera slayed as the hot villain Athena in “The Iron Heart”

With her mesmerizing beauty, no one would think that apart from her killer wardrobe, Athena (Emmanuelle Vera) also has a killer motive. Recall the nefarious deeds that dragged her down, via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from The Iron Heart,.

While she had a glamorous entrance where she modelled products for her brand, Athernity Beauty, we know she can be malevolent and ice cold. That is, even she wore an angel’s costume in her pictorial. Athena talked sweetly to the new members and sellers of Athernity Beauty, which promises to make the skin eternally youthful.

But it didn’t take long for her fangs to show.  The gorgeous villain went full-on beast mode when the snitch attacked her building and broke the vials containing the beauty serum that can cause organ malfunction and death. She was so mad she killed the security personnel on the spot by injecting him with the serum. Athena is the woman you wouldn’t dare mess with.

Equipped with her scathing asides, she enjoyed her showdown with Helen (Maricel Laxa), who came with a search warrant due to reports about Athernity Beauty's side effects. We viewers knew Athena had something to hide but she was able to face the investigators with an attitude so confident and lethal. In the end, the cops failed to search for Athernity Beauty’s secret ‘golden room’ where the vials are stocked. 

However, the issues surrounding Athernity Beauty didn’t escape their big boss, Priam (Albert Martinez). In the next scene, Athena explained herself and presented her best plans for damage control, which was basically to exploit the resellers and lie to the media again. But even a lovely woman like her can’t be spared from Priam, who threw a mug at her face as warning. She’s still lucky it just landed on her forehead.

There was also a hint of bad blood between her and Eros (Jake Cuenca), a rivalry due to the latter making it to the top of Tatsulok in a snap. Athena is charming in front of an audience. When she hosted a party for the members of the millionaires’ club and her top resellers, she delivered a speech and asked everyone to enjoy the night.

Behind the sweet talks, though, she wanted all members injected with the serum, oblivious to Apollo (Richard Gutierrez)’s mission. Somewhere at the party, there was Apollo alongside Venus (Sue Ramirez) and Poseidon (Pepe Herrera) ready to expose the company's filthy secrets.  Athena caught Venus and Poseidon, leading in a heart-stopping chase in the woods. She pointed a gun at Venus and forced the latter to speak up about the mole in Tatsulok. However, Venus managed to escape.

The chase led to a nerve-wracking fight scene with Apollo. Though she’s a woman, Athena managed to give Apollo a challenging fight and was even the first Tatsulok member to catch Apollo’s identity.  She was terrifying. However, Apollo’s superhuman strength prevailed.

Brought to an empty warehouse, Athena showed defiance amid Apollo’s interrogation. Surrounded by the vials, she took one and vowed to protect Tatsulok at all costs.

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