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15 scenes of Apollo and Cassandra’s bittersweet love story in “The Iron Heart”

He cannot live without her and she cannot live without him, thus losing his first and true love Cassandra (Maja Salvador) will surely harden Apollo (Richard Gutierrez)'s heart.

We know your hearts can’t move on, too. So, here is a Kapamilya Toplist of scenes that encapsulates the beloved pair’s bittersweet love story in The Iron Heart.

Their romance started in high school, portrayed by Kyle Echarri and Karina Bautista. It blossomed when the young Apollo took the subway going to school and found a group of schoolmates bullying Cassandra. Gifted with extraordinary strength, he saved her and gave the bad guys a tough lesson. The universe would cook little moments for them, such as when Cassandra, working part-time as a laundry attendant, delivered clothes to a customer’s house near Apollo’s residence.

They grew up and chased their dreams together and they went through it all with acceptance. You know it is love when there’s trust despite the person’s history. Cassandra saw nothing but kindness in Apollo. In her eyes, she sees beyond what people say about Apollo’s family.

Cassandra, abandoned by her parents, and Apollo, who lost his father in a robbery incident, only had each other. It’s the ultimate factor that contributed to their bond and made their love strong from high school to adulthood. While reality is not always as sweet as their teenage romance, Apollo and Cassandra stuck with each other, especially in the heartbreaking days. When Cassandra came across her estranged mom, there was Apollo to remind her that she is a brave woman. They are supportive of their dreams like Cassandra applying as a nurse in the UK, although she gave it up to be with Apollo, who now works as an accountant. 

Their relationship never runs out of swoon-worthy moments like their picnics by the seaside. But they have their fair share of LQs, too. Just when Cassandra ditched the offer abroad all for the love of Apollo, the latter had to bid goodbye due to his secret mission.

Their reunion scene, though full of sad emotions, made sure to speak of their love for each other. Cassandra said she tried to throw their old photos. But you can’t throw away something as precious as what they have. She loves him so much that she waited for years and held on despite the uncertainties because her heart was telling her to. He then let her know how he feels through a tight embrace. It’s a heart-wrenching moment as we know he will have to leave again soon.

When Apollo returned unannounced, Cassandra said she is getting married to another guy and that she has deleted him from her memory. But in the end, they can’t be without one another. The next scene is where Apollo trapped Cassandra and noticed she isn’t wearing an engagement ring. As always, one touch from him made her weak in the knees. The two kissed and made up, with Cassandra finally realizing that Apollo had to leave because of his job as a secret agent. They promised to start anew with Cassandra’s sister Lia (Althea Ruedas), who was very excited to be with her new ‘parents.’

On the day they were supposed to leave, Apollo heard shocking news from Helen (Maricel Laxa) about Priam (Albert Martinez)’s failed assassination. His mission shall continue, leaving the love of his life broken all over again. Since their relationship had been like that for a while, Cassandra bravely accepted the fact that Apollo can’t go with her.

The Tatsulok members initiated a deadly shooting at Priam’s command to avenge Jason (Lance Carr)’s death. Apollo picked up a gun and faced the enemies, trying his best to save as many lives as he could, but not that of Cassandra, who was shot by Priam. Still breathing, Cassandra could’ve been rushed to the hospital as Apollo wanted, but he listened to her pleas to save Lia first. And as he did, an explosion happened right at the spot where Cassandra was lying helpless.

The final scene in the video montage shows Apollo and his family mourning at Cassandra’s grave, interspersed with flashbacks of their young love and happy moments together.

Cassandra may be gone but she remains Apollo’s reason to fight and live.

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