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10 times Kyle Echarri won praises for his great acting in “The Iron Heart”

Kyle Echarri shows what growing up in the industry is all about – intensified acting skills and visuals.

After his stint in The Voice Kids (yup, he started as a singer, ICYDK), he officially entered acting by taking on teenybopper roles. Recently, he got out of his comfort zone by playing the young Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) in The Iron Heart and impressed everyone with his great improvement in acting. Apollo must be tough and intense with a soft heart. Kyle managed to make the intricacy clear and believable. Not to mention, his visuals have transitioned from cute to hottie, enhancing his scenes.

Re-watch his performance in The Iron Heart via this feature from Kapamilya Toplist.

Apollo’s character is all about his passionate heart and physical strength, which was evident in Kyle’s first scene as a student-athlete. The coach was convinced of Apollo's potential to play for the Olympics.

Determined, Apollo rushed to his scholarship interview, doing simple acts of kindness such as helping a lady carry her things onto the train on the way to the university. He found a girl targeted by the bullies from his school and, with extraordinary strength, gave the bad guys their lesson. The girl, Cassandra (Karina Bautista), thanked him for his kindness. They stood opposite each other, locking eyes, with little distance between them as the other passengers stuff themselves inside the train. This scene proved Kyle can transition into a full-blown leading man soon.

He engaged in acting sparring with veterans Al Tantay as his father Homer and Roi Vinzon as his uncle Hector. In their first scenes together, we witnessed Apollo’s warm relationship with his dad, the first person to teach him how to pacify his strong emotions, then his bitterness toward his drug lord uncle. In the next events, Apollo rushed home from his ‘date’ with Cassandra to confirm the appearance of cops in their house. Apparently, Hector has long been under police surveillance. Apollo burst into extreme fury watching Homer dragged into Hector’s vileness, pushing the cops away to get near his father. He glanced at Cassandra as he gets in the police mobile, speaking of feelings without even a dialogue to utter. 

The physical demand for playing Apollo was no joke. Kyle had to embody a demi-god-like force, as seen when he punched the school bully, who mocked him for not winning the scholarship due to his family’s mysterious criminal records. He tamed it down while talking to his father about goodness. Homer said the ultimate power is learning to control emotions and choosing kindness over evil. The sincere conversation was followed by a heartbreaking moment.

On the way to the market to buy Apollo’s new shoes, he and Homer encountered a group of robbers on the bus. Apollo exploded into rage when one of the men displayed violence. A fight ensued. He heard a gunshot and found his father dead, with his anguished whimpering piercing through the viewers’ souls. Kyle is getting better than ever in his dramatic scenes.

We next visit his father’s grave. Hector promised to take Apollo in and make sure the suspect gets punished.  What he just said triggered Apollo, who pressed that Homer’s killer is a drug addict, someone like his uncle. Kyle painted anger on his face, through his blazing stares and a smirk cold and sexy. He truly is evolving on his own, evinced by his talent, dedication, mannerisms, and even voice. In the scene where he accepted Hector’s apology, Kyle, without even saying a word, was able to sketch his character’s struggle to forgive.

Playing Apollo required intense physical training. Kyle’s final scene shows him getting fit as an athlete and soon a secret agent tasked to topple down a syndicate group called “Tatsulok,” a member of which killed his father. Just watch this training sequence and you will know the young actor is ready for mightier roles.

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