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10 funny moments of Sue Ramirez as Venus that made “The Iron Heart” extra entertaining

Kapamilya series The Iron Heart has been introducing the most interesting characters, both the protagonists and villains. One we can’t wait to get to know more is Venus, the gorgeous con artist with a golden heart magnificently portrayed by Sue Ramirez.

Venus is easy to like as she has a strong fighting spirit and loads of entertaining ‘hirit’. Watch this Kapamilya Toplist and you’ll surely get obsessed with Venus aka Athena Dizon – yup, she’s dating a gangster!

She was introduced in the series as a swindler notoriously luring men and stealing everything they have. In her first scene, she faked her identity as a model to date a wealthy guy. She was acting sweet until a phone call ruined their supposed kiss. Venus took the call said to be from her mom and broke into exaggerated grief, giving her the opening she needs to flee. Meanwhile, the poor lover boy waits, clueless that he already lost his wallet along with his ‘girlfriend.’

Venus’s humor is a thing of wonder. She can come up with the best one-liners meshed with her penchant for Pinoy romance films. In the previous scene, for instance, she tweaked the title “Hello Love Goodbye” to bid his victim farewell.

In the next scene where she saved Maia (Andi Abaya) from a nightclub owner, she introduced herself as, “Athena Dizon and I am dating a gangster,” borrowing Kathryn Bernardo’s iconic line.

We next saw her as a host and round girl in the underground cage fight Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) participated in. She frankly comments on the atrocities of the fight. She was told to shut her mouth because that’s only how the wealthy spend their money, hence her rib-tickling reaction. Venus is the most upfront person in the room. But you know what would make her shut up? Moolah!

Apparently, her wanting to earn big has a deeper motivation, which is to help her father Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) fight for his case, or at least have him checked while in prison. In a scene, Venus haggled with the head of the maximum security compound to have Bungo seen by a doctor due to his bad health. Aware of her effect on the officer, she tempted him with promises all for her father’s sake. What’s funnier is she kept on calling him ‘Ser Chief.’

Venus really knows how to play her cards well. A flashback scene revealed that she was mentored by her aunt Verna (Ana Abad Santos). She was taught Verna’s ways to draw people in, first of all, by being confident in every disguise. And if possible, victimize only those who deserve it, so karma would only find it fair. There was a time she scammed a mistress demanding a diamond ring from her boyfriend. Venus dressed the part and earned the victim’s trust in seconds flat.

Behind her swindler tricks is a heart that knows how to love for real. Besides wanting to get her father out of jail, Venus also works hard to be able to help street children. She feeds them whenever she can and even took Maia under her wing.

Unfortunately, there was a time she almost fell for a scam. Karma hits, you might say, but we think it only goes to reveal traces of her vulnerability. In her wish to save up to provide her father with a good lawyer, Venus gamely accepts any ‘raket,’ even the extremely dangerous ones. Recently, she almost fell victim to John (Jeric Raval)’s sexual assault, if it weren’t for Apollo, who came just in time and boldly fought his ‘boss’ to save her. After the intense rescue scene was a funny back-and-forth in a hotel room.

Venus accused Apollo of violating her. The cunning woman herself is doubtful of other people, too. She only believed Apollo’s good intentions after he explained himself and walked out of the room.

The two shared a hilarious first conversation and we can’t wait to see more! We know you’re as excited as us to see Apollo and Venus’ next encounter, so let us not miss an episode of The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.