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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
The Iron Heart: Sue Ramirez as Venus

We know Sue Ramirez as one of the wackiest girls in showbiz. But she's even funnier when she transformed into her character as Venus in The Iron Heart.

Venus is easy to like as she has a strong fighting spirit and loads of amusing hirit meshed with dialogues from iconic Pinoy romance films. Her humor is a thing of wonder! Re-watch her sparkling scenes via this Kapamilya Update video.

She was introduced in the series as a swindler luring men and stealing everything they have. In the first scene, she faked her identity as a model to date a wealthy guy. She acted sweet until a phone call ruined their supposed kiss. Venus took the call said to be from her mom and broke into exaggerated grief, giving her the opening she needs to flee. Meanwhile, the poor lover boy waits, clueless that he already lost his ‘girlfriend’ – and his wallet.

Her organic humor highlights a flair for the theatrical. In the previous scene, for instance, she tweaked the title “Hello Love Goodbye” to bid his victim farewell. Then, saving Maia (Andi Abaya) from a nightclub owner, she introduced herself as “Athena Dizon, dating a gangster,” borrowing Kathryn Bernardo’s character name and the title of her movie. 

Her ‘fighter’ attitude endears her to audiences. With her sassy comedic style, she charmed Eros (Jake Cuenca) into hiring her in his casino. “Ang buhay parang bato, it’s hard,” she cracked, perfectly timed. Her bubbly mood is contagious that she can make the grim-faced Eros burst into laughter, like when she told him, “Ang lungkot naman ng buhay mo hindi mo alam kung ano ang pancit.” She said the pancit is for Eros’ help in transferring her father Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) to a better prison cell where the latter can be given medical attention.

Her theatrical nature can be felt even in her monologues like when she thought she’d get fired on her first day in the casino. We’re obsessed with the girl’s comedic sense! Of course, we can’t leave out her ‘balutin mo ako’ moment where she took out a plastic bag and asked Eros if she can ‘sharon’ the food, meaning take them home.

Her being a movie addict always comes in handy, like when she asked the cab driver to tail behind Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) as part of her secret mission for Eros. Sensing the driver’s reluctance, she came up with an intelligent plot ala “The Legal Wife” to convince the driver that Apollo is her husband and that she wants to catch him in the act.

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