• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Kyle & Karina, Richard & Maja BTS

Kapamilya series The Iron Heart premiered last Monday, November 14. Based on online reactions, people are gushing over Kyle Echarri and Karina Bautista’s refreshing chemistry as young Apollo and Cassandra, so much so fans wish to see more of them. To grant everyone’s request, here are the young stars’ behind-the-scenes moments on set.

Kyle and Karina perfectly established the characters’ young love in the pilot episode. It may be their first time teaming up in a teleserye but there was something so natural about them, visible even in their cute off-cam shenanigans like in this dance video:



They also shared light-hearted moments in between takes, shown in this photo Karina uploaded on Instagram. Let us manifest more projects for this tandem!

Kyle and Karina
Credit to karebautista_ IG

Kyle impressed big time as a high school student with extraordinary strength. Apollo is his most intense role to date and everyone’s convinced he’s more than ready to level up in action. But we’re also glad his youthful energy hasn’t died down yet. As one netizen puts it, Kyle is a baby and a hottie at the same time.



Immersing into his role, he truly embodied Apollo’s incredible strength.

Kyle Echarri
Credit to kyleecharri IG

Richard Gutierrez and Maja Salvador have no doubt delivered, evidenced by their trending scenes and positive feedback on social media. Yup, we can hear your hearts screaming for more, so we give you these:

Maja Salvador and Richard Gutierrez
Credit to starcreativestv IG

We bet you fell in love when Cassandra described Apollo as “pogi” and “matipuno,” and then he finished her sentence with, “at mahal na mahal ka.” Our hearts can’t deal, too! Just on their first scene together and the chemistry already felt strong.



We also wish to see more of their 'kilig' scenes, but with how the story is going, their characters might go through more heartbreaking moments because of Apollo’s secret mission.

Maja Salvador and Richard Gutierrez
Credit to starcreativestv IG

In case you missed it, Apollo and Cassandra were high school friends-turned-lovers. Apollo grew up embittered by his father’s death in a holdup incident involving members of the syndicate group called Tatsulok, and now as an adult, takes on a secret mission to infiltrate and topple it down. Chasing the Tatsulok leader in a crusade for justice, Apollo must abandon his family, even his first love Cassandra, for now.

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