15 most hated scenes of Sue Ramirez as the mistress in The Broken Marriage Vow

The mistress Lexy Lucero (Sue Ramirez) steals not only the man but also a lot of scenes that burn viewers’ ‘gigil’ meter. Check out 15 of her most infuriating scenes in The Broken Marriage Vow via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Lexy is far from an accidental ‘kabit’, totally aware that David (Zanjoe Marudo) is a married man. But instead of kissing him goodbye, she kisses him with sultry passion, enough to lure him in as shown in the first scene in this video montage. We can see Lexy welcoming David in an exclusive villa and kissing him passionately, while Diane (Jane Oineza) reports the tryst to Jill (Jodi Sta Maria).

Fresh and feisty, Lexy is always itching to spend her time with David even at a party attended by most of his family members, and wife even. The two secretly held hands while pretending to entertain the other guests. In the next sequence, she got ‘kilig’ over David drinking from her glass and tossing a tiny piece of flower on her table. She smiled like a teenager madly in love, oblivious to the pair of eyes, that of the legal wife, watching them with extreme anger.

After the mistress-reveal scene is the post-party rendezvous wherein Lexy felt demure while demanding “forever” from David, nothing less than what he vowed to Jill in his birthday speech. She sulked over his unmet promise to leave his wife for her. Despite that, she remained trusting after David explained the situation.

Lexy can be so demanding she doesn’t care showing up at a supposed family affair, or maybe she finds thrill in getting close with David in public. In an episode, she gate-crashed Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s event just to be with her secret boyfriend. She even invited her guy, who was busy taking on his daddy duties, to spend the night with her in a hotel room. He refused and promised to make it up to her. As if teasing him a little more, she touched his hand despite the risk of getting caught.

Now who wouldn’t hate a mistress that’s so ‘palaban’ she faces the legal wife and lets the latter confirm her pregnancy? In this scene, Lexy went to Jill’s clinic to have herself checked. The doctor said she’s pregnant, and when asked to tell her boyfriend so, she replied that he’s married but has promised to leave the wife for her. At that point, Lexy was clueless of how deep Jill’s knowledge is about the affair, thus she acted civil in the next scene at the launching of David’s project.

She found a reason to grace the event since her parents Fred (Art Acuña) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) are involved in the said project, or maybe she’s up for a little game again. It may be her cunning way to let David know that she’s leaving for the States and see how he’d react. She was considering abortion at the time. When David knew about her pregnancy, he did all his best to convince her to keep the child. As if taking advantage of his desperation, Lexy dropped an ultimatum demanding David to ditch his family if he really wants to keep the baby. David failed to do anything, thus Lexy flew to the States for abortion.

Things seemed to have simmered down a bit until she came back. And as ‘pasalubong,’ the feisty paramour engaged in a ‘friendly’ conversation with Jill at the supermarket. She obviously tried to embarrass her rival by bringing up the latter’s scandal. But Doc Jill was equipped with top-tier patience, as well as savage innuendos that left her enemy dumbfounded.

Lexy tried to end her relationship with David but she’d let her feelings take control each time. In the next scene, she went to his office to catch up and they ended up kissing inside his car, clueless that Jill was watching outside. The tryst continued later that night in his office when all employees were already out, then, in her place. While David wasn’t looking, Lexy deleted a text message about Jill’s whereabouts. And while the husband and the other woman were enjoying their sinful meeting, the legal wife was in another place contemplating her revenge.

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