15 ‘gigil’ scenes showing how Sandy betrays Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow

Doc Jill (Jodi Sta Maria)’s world is full of snakes, and one of which calls her ‘sis.’ It’s Sandy (Angeli Bayani), her supposed best friend, who keeps on betraying her to protect David (Zanjoe Marudo). Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from The Broken Marriage Vow that will level up your ‘gigil’ toward the tactless traitor.

Back when Jill started to experience hunches about David’s extramarital activities, bothered by a strand of blonde hair on his scarf, she thought Sandy was the best person to confide in. But, subtly manipulative, Sandy worked hard to dismiss Jill’s gut feel and said she’s just being paranoid. She emphasized that David became a changed man since matrimony, even though she’d known about his secrets.

Later on, Jill would discover her husband’s affair and that Sandy knew about it all along. The two-faced Sandy failed to show remorse. Worse, she invalidated Jill’s feelings by telling her not to get mad at David for Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s sake.

Sandy would easily dismiss her own felony and act like she and Jill are back on good terms. Obviously, the latter continued to suffer from distress. But instead of being careful with her words and actions, Sandy gave unsolicited advice when Jill discovered Lexy (Sue Ramirez)’s pregnancy. And the way she acts so bubbly makes her extra annoying. Case in point, when she nonchalantly dismissed Lexy’s plan to undergo abortion and casually convinced Jill that at least her marriage will go back on track once the mistress and baby are gone. At one point, she lectured her about forgiveness, as if there’s a simple way to forgive a cheater.

She displayed the same chirpy attitude when Jill was forced to go on leave due to Enzo (Joem Bascon)’s case. She tried to comfort her that at least the time off will allow her to settle her personal issues, and that she’ll be back soon.

Sandy tried to take Jill’s side and enlighten David, yet the latter’s charm easily won her over. In a scene, she sought to help David understand his commitments and priorities. But it didn’t take long until she confessed that she was sent there to interrogate. She warned him of Jill’s suspicions about his financial infidelity.

This impulsive mouth of hers had many times almost jeopardized Jill’s plans. There was a scene where a very problematic David, bit by bit dealing with the consequences of his actions, invited her for a drink. Sandy replied that she’s not free, then, revealed Jill’s plan to file an annulment.

Quick to forget David’s sin, Sandy will again try to soften Jill’s heart. She said David might have made a huge mistake but he loves his family. Realizing that Sandy’s fake concern was becoming an inconvenience, Jill declared she’d never let her ‘sis’ pry into her personal life ever again.

Still, Sandy seems unable to control her long-windedness. She casually told David about Jill’s attempted suicide, which he will use to blackmail his hurting ex-wife.

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