10 scenes that prove Carol’s loyalty to Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow

Surviving betrayal is never easy but having a devoted friend is a big help in the rebuilding process. That’s why Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) is happy and grateful to have her neighbor and best friend Carol (Bianca Manalo) in every season in her life. In this video, Kapamilya Toplist rounded up 10 scenes showing Carol’s loyalty to Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow.

Jill suffered all kinds of abuses from David (Zanjoe Marudo) including physical violence. It almost killed her, had Carol failed to arrive on time and call for rescue. At the hospital, Carol took care of Jill and all her needs and volunteered to look after Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla).

It was Carol who stuck around when Jill lost everything including Gio. While she knows there’s nothing she could do to convince Gio to come back, Carol’s presence was enough to make Jill comforted and supported. Because of Carol, Jill knew somebody is rooting for her, so she got more courage to fight for her son.

One thing we love about Carol is that she’s balanced. She’d fight on Jill’s behalf, sure, but she also tells her when to take a pause. She told her to give Gio space and accept that he feels old enough to decide for himself.

Even when she’s going through an equally devastating problem, her separation from her cheating husband Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio), Carol didn’t want to bother Jill. She said Jill’s fight as a mother is more important.

A sign of true friendship is when someone feels genuinely happy for your wins. Carol felt relieved when Gio came back to Jill, having been a witness to the latter’s sacrifices. Whatever Jill and Gio need, Carol is willing to provide. She offered them her home when they had to relocate for their safety.

Carol will go out of her way to help Jill regain a peaceful life. We bet she felt so good after helping Jill hatch her revenge. And we’re all for Carol spilling Jill and David’s sexual encounter to Lexy (Sue Ramirez).

She even faced David on their behalf when the latter harassed them. She literally gave him a slap of reality and declared that soon he’ll be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Carol recently figured she’s pregnant, and we’re looking forward to seeing her slay motherhood with Jill. But, first, they must resolve all problems brought by David.

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