KoDrea honored to be compared by Direk Ted to Jolina, Gerald

More than a year after stepping out to the outside world, Andi Abaya and Kobie Brown had the chance to be reunited with Pinoy Big Brother Connect ex-housemates Gail Banawis, Ralph Malibunas, Amanda Zamora, and Chico Alicaya on-screen through their movie Connected.” 

Sobrang nakakatuwa na napapanood na ng ating mga Kapamilya ‘yong ‘Connected’ movie,” Andi started off, gushing over how they landed the Top 2 spot of most-watched films in iWantTFC. “I’m really happy na maraming natutuwa. We’ve got like really good reviews from the film that’s really insightful. Marami rin silang natutunan from the film, so it’s really a huge honor na naging part ako to share that story, to share all the lessons [of] ‘Connected’.”

Kobie seconded it by expressing how happy he is that people are able to finally see this project that they worked hard on. “Nakakataba ng puso. Grabe, sobrang maganda ‘yong feeling na people finally got to watched this movie na we really worked hard on – all the staff, the crew, ‘yong castmates din. Grabe ‘yong mga feedback nila and all the reviews, it’s so great. It makes me really happy to see na you, guys, enjoyed the movie. So, thank you so much.”

It’s also through this Star Magic Studios debut film wherein the KoDrea tandem got reconnected with top-caliber director Theodore Boborol. They already got to witness how very hands-on Direk Ted is and how he’s willing to help anyone struggling with their portrayals, especially her and Kobie who are both new in the field. He did it by attending to their needs and interviewing them one-on-one for them to be able to characterize their roles. They also allowed them to bond together and with him in order to build their chemistry as a group.

Moreover, Andi also admires how straightforward he is, as it helps her to immediately change whatever it is that needed in portraying her role. With how a prolific and exceptional filmmaker Direk Ted, she’s confident that they’re indeed in good hands.

Kobie, meanwhile, added how patient Direk Ted is, especially to new artists like him and Andrea, as well as how he made sure that everyone working on the project are so comfortable. It’s also the director who helped him take away his jitters when they started filming and make him more confident about himself, so he has nothing but gratitude for him.

The fast-rising stars weren’t able to hide their kilig upon hearing from the host that Direk Ted imparted in his previous Kapamilya Chat interview  how he sees Jolina Magdangal and Nora Aunor in Andi because she can both act and sing, and how Kobi reminds him of Gerald Anderson, especially if he’s going to polish his Tagalog more.

As the conversation veered to their castmates, KoDrea enthused how huge fans they are of the team-up of Gail Banawis and Ralph Malibunas, with Andi sharing how fun it was working with them since the onscreen pair has a different kind of chemistry. She also got amused by their performances and admires how really connected they are and how genuine their support is for one another. Kobie, meanwhile, expressed how proud he is to the both of them for doing an amazing job, considering that it’s their first project as a loveteam.

With regards to Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora (a.k.a. ChiManda), Andi recalled how she could feel the tension between them while doing a particular scene that set the butterflies in her stomach aflutter. For Kobie, he’s proud of them also for doing a great job and for making it to where they are right now since both of them really wanted to be in this industry.

Lastly, for Richard Juan, Andi confessed how he initially felt awkward towards him, considering that he’s one of the hosts during their edition and the oldest in their group, too. Thus, she really appreciated that he made a tremendous effort to connect with them, making her realize that he’s actually easy to get along with. Kobie, on the other hand, described him as “super genuine, nice guy” and expressed how proud he is of his acting performance, considering that he’s a host most of the time.

Have you already seen Connected? Just in case not, you may still watch it on ABS-CBN digital streaming platforms KTX, iWantTFC, TFC IPTV Video on Demand, and Sky Cable pay-per-view.