KoDrea’s My Rules Challenge

Tuning into this episode of Hotspot, it wouldn't be hard to notice that Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya are wise beyond their years. They are still trying to figure out life all while living it with appropriate boundaries.

In their recent Hotspot guesting hosted by DJ Jhai Ho's, KoDrea played the “My Rules” Challenge where they get to share their laws on specific things. 

We begin with their non-negotiables on friendships, which, for Andi, is to prioritize quality over quantity, “I really keep a small circle of friends. And as long as these friends are people na I can really trust, people who have been there for me no matter what. I’ll be okay kahit isa o dalawa lang ‘yang mga kaibigan ko, okay na ako do’n.” As for Kobie, the rule is: “Just don’t backstab me.”

When it comes to piercings, Andi mentioned that she plans to get multiple piercings but only on the ears. Kobie likewise wishes to get one “pero ayaw ni Mommy.” 

The same goes for tattoos. Even if he wants to get inked, Kobie respects his mother’s opinion. Should he be allowed to get one, he thinks an anchor tattoo would be a great reminder to stay grounded. Meanwhile, Andi revealed that she was supposed to get a matching tattoo with her parents, a dainty lotus flower that symbolizes luck and prosperity in Feng Shui, for her 18th birthday, but the pandemic happened. She would’ve wanted it inked on her ankle or back. 

As a rule on drinking, Kobie states: “Don’t drink to get drunk.” They only consume alcohol on special occasions. Andi limits herself to only two glasses, borrowing her favorite model Kelsey Merritt’s own rule that you must “enter the bar with class and leave with class.” Kobie added that he avoids beer which causes bloating. 

On curfews, Andi related that she must be home by midnight as much as possible to give their family driver enough time for rest since he also drives her siblings to school and work. Kobie had a 1 a.m. curfew when he was younger. Now, his parents are less strict about curfews considering his hectic schedule.

The Love in 40 Days stars also shared their rules for a future partner. Andi stressed that his ideal guy must be kind and respectful to everyone and she hopes this person is patient, understanding, and has pure and genuine intentions. Similarly, Kobie wants a girl who is good and trustworthy. 

Which of these rules from KoDrea resonates with you, Kapamilya?

Kobie and Andi’s first teleserye, Love in 40 Days, is on its finale week. Catch the remaining episodes on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.