Karina says playing mysterious is an effective way to get your crush’s attention

So, your crush doesn’t even know that you exist. Worry not, because Karina Bautista is here to share ideas that will help you get noticed by the guy/girl of your dreams.   

First things first, develop your confidence. Karina underscored that you become naturally attractive when you feel beautiful inside, “Lumalabas lang siya naturally. Nase-sense lang ng mga tao.”

Therefore, it would be best to work on yourself and be well-rounded first. “Maybe expose yourself to more people and more experiences. Try ka lang ng something new para when you face your crush, alam mo na kung paano siya i-gauge kasi you know what kind of person he is,” said Karina in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

You may also want to focus and excel in your studies or career first. Not only will it impress your crush, but more importantly, it will make you feel good about yourself.

But keep an air of mystery, “Mas nagiging desirable ka ‘pag hindi ka always free.” Don’t throw yourself at your crush’s feet. The trick, according to Karina, is to be friendly without giving away too much, “You can be madaldal but not share anything. ‘Madaldal lang ako pero at the end of the day, wala ka namang nalaman na sikreto, eh. Parang na-entertain lang kita.’”

Low-key research about him, just enough to know his personality (is he an introvert? funny? smart?) and interests. These info will come in handy as you try to break the ice. But, instead of pointing out your similarities, add a little excitement by gravitating towards your differences.  

Interestingly, Karina believes “there’s something appealing ‘pag magkaiba kayo in a way.” It’s like giving a new meaning to “opposites attract.” That means if he’s book-smart, then you must project yourself as street-smart. If he’s serious, then, use humor as your potion.

However, when still nothing happens, just accept it and move on. As Karina said, “Hindi ako papaapekto kung hindi mo ako pansinin. Kung pansinin mo man ako, ‘hey’, gano’n.”

Check out Karina’s sage pieces of advice in the video!