BINI gets emotional during Tatak Star Magic conversation with Direk Lauren

With LSS-inducing and bop-worthy tracks, as well as their growing popularity here in the country, BINI is undoubtedly one of the fast-rising acts in the OPM industry at present. And recently, Head of Star Magic and ABS-CBN TV Production Direk Lauren Dyogi had the chance to interview them in the latest episode of Tatak Star Magic Celebrity Conversations.

In this convo, the “Nation’s Girl Group,” which is composed by eight gorgeous and talented ladies namely, Jhoanna Robles, Aiah Arceta, Colet Vergara, Maloi Ricalde, Gwen Apuli, Stacey Sevilleja, Mikha Lim, and Sheena Catacutan, opened up about their unforgettable experiences, challenges, and aspirations, which got them emotional.

Being the leader of the group, it was Jhoanna who initiated the recounting of their journey, as her groupmates unanimously chose her to do it. She started off by disclosing that they actually came from different parts of the Philippines, so their respective journeys also began in different legs of the Star Hunt auditions.

Just when they thought that they already made it after receiving their stars from Direk Lauren, they found themselves wrong for they went through a number of call backs before the dreaded Star Hunt Boot Camp. According to the girls, it was the longest five days they’d ever had in their lives as fear and anxiety enveloped them whenever Direk Lauren arrived and as they all waited to find out what their fates would be.

The two-year rigorous training they went through before being launched in 2020 might be stressful and exhausting, but the girl dreamers were still able to enjoy it because they were also able to acquire new skills and knowledge and further hone their existing talents.

Despite being rushed to the clinic several times due to extreme exhaustion, Stacey’s dream to become a full-fledged performer, as well as their group’s goal to debut and to continue what they love to do has served as their main sources of determination to keep going on.

With regards to the most memorable part of their whole training, Sheena reminisced that it would be the time when they underwent training under a group of Korean trainers. It was more mentally challenging for them rather than physical according to her, since Korean trainers are known for their strict and straightforward way of teaching. Besides, they also couldn’t forget that time when they were only fed nilagang saba and boiled egg instead of the sumptuous food scheduled to be offered to them that certain week, which compelled them to sneak in biscuits and cookies.

The strict trainings they went through had taught them to always have a positive outlook in life and to be stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being together for a long time have also made them synchronized with one another, not just in their moves every time they perform, but also in the way they think, speak, and dress up during their public appearances. But despite their similarities, they still have qualities that make them distinct from one another, such as their upbringing, interests, and hobbies.

Direk Lauren then went on to ask BINI what they know about the member sitting beside them, which turned some of them emotional as they got touched by how their fellow members actually appreciate and get inspired by them. As Jhoanna mentioned that Mikha once sulked after none of them accompanied her when she watched the concert of her favorite Hallyu group TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) here in the country in October 2022, Direk Lauren commended the latter’s developments and growth as an individual and an artist.

When asked about the biggest adjustment she did when she became part of the group and, at the same time, started her acting career, she disclosed that it would be to accept the things that she couldn’t control. She also related that it was Gwen who first understood her the most, since both of them were initially not good dancers and she’s sensitive in a good way.

“I’m very, very honored to have found you talaga. Akalain n’yo bang kayo ang magkakasama-sama? It’s no joke. Lagi ko namang sinasabi na it’s destiny na magkakasama kayo. So, I hope you cherish that sisterhood and that friendship, and in everything that you’re going through, you’ll become better people,” Direk Lauren conveyed.

With regards to the goals of BINI, leader Jhoanna revealed that aside from releasing songs, they also wish to go to different places here in the Philippines and abroad in order to further introduce their group to more people, and eventually be well-known and become household names.

Direk Lauren went on to tell them: “Walang susuko. Tandaan n’yo, wala namang nakakamit nang madalian. Lahat talaga pinaghihirapan. Para when you get what you’re aspiring for, alam n’yong pinaghirapan n’yo ‘yon.”

Then he added, “I must say as early as now, ang dami n’yong nai-influence na mga kabataan to feel that importante ang training, importante ang disiplina. So, congratulations because you may not be household names [yet], marami pa rin kayong napapasaya at marami kayong naimpluwensyahan.”

He went to share how they’re able to make a lot of BL∞MS (as what their fandom is called) from different parts of the country elated, ecstatic, and inspired by their presence, as well as reminded them that being able to create a positive impact on the life of at least one young people is already a valuable contribution.

The lighthearted, touching, and insightful exchange between BINI and Direk Lauren capped off with him asking them how they would define “Tatak Star Magic.” According to Maloi, it would be possessing the the attitude and mindset to do one’s best in every performance, which would serve as their guide to become better individuals and better performers.

Jhoanna seconded it by also adding “consistency,” which their Coach Mickey relayed to them in one of their trainings recently, as he reminded them how easy it is to create standard, but maintaining (and even exceeding) it is a lot harder.

Direk Lauren ended the interview by telling them that he owes them an outing, which he seemingly promised them for quite some time already, and wishing them “more years of excellence and more years of giving inspiration.”