KDLex Star Magical Promposal 2024

Here’s KDLex giving us another burst of ‘green flag energy’ with their super cute and organic promposal! 

With Star Magical Prom 2024 just around the corner, KD Estrada whipped up a delightful 'promposal' surprise for Alexa Ilacad, or that moment where he would officially ask her to be his prom date. It’s a full serving of kilig!

He pulled off a creative ruse by by pretending to invite Alexa to guest star on his vlog, where he would cook two dishes for her. Yup, he definitely has some serious kitchen skills! "For me, it's more heartfelt when I prepare the food myself because it's made with love," he shared.

He skilfully whipped up Greek Spinach Pops and Gyukatsu right before Alexa’s eyes. Perhaps the first ingredient to such a thoughtful gesture is knowing what suits the other person’s palate. It’s an advantage that he knows what kind of food Alexa enjoys, and that’s what he came up with. 

During the shoot, Alexa kept looking for their fur baby, Cola, but, for some reason, the doggo was nowhere to be found. Hint: Cola was part of the surprise!

As they enjoyed the meal KD had prepared, Cola made a grand entrance and dashed straight to her "Mommy" Alexa, who was taken aback to find a small tag hanging from Cola's neck with a message that read, "Mommy, will you go to prom with Daddy?"

Alexa got so busy cuddling with the dog that she momentarily forgot to give an answer – it doesn’t get any more authentic than this! When KD asked again, she replied, “Yes! A hundred percent. How can I say no to this?” 

She was genuinely surprised as she did not expect KD to still formally ‘prompose’ to her, assuming it was unnecessary since they were already planning to attend the prom together. Besides, with the prom just a day away, she doubted KD would have time to orchestrate a grand gesture. 

As for the food, of course, it got a glowing 5-star rating from Alexa, who can confidently attest to KD’s culinary prowess. She mentioned that she's already familiar with his cooking skills, as he frequently prepares 'baon' for them during tapings.

“Nakaka-gorgeous din pala,” quipped Alexa about being ‘promposed’ to. 

Catch this endearing tandem at the Star Magical Prom this Thursday, March 14!