DonBelle Star Magic 30 Catalogue Launch

Star Magic’s 2023 Catalogue was formally launched yesterday, July 6, with the talent arm’s premier artists in attendance.

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano a.k.a. DonBelle were among the beautiful pairs who graced the event. The two, representing the Gen Z batch, looked charming together during the interview, commenting how amazed and happy they are with the result of the photoshoots.

DonBelle Star Magic Catalogue Launch

DonBelle has nothing but gratitude to their Star Magic family, bringing to mind the exciting activities they get to do with their sisters and brothers in the management.

DonBelle Star Magic Catalogue Launch

Donny mentioned that the workshops are where friendships are built. Add to that the team’s bonding moments during international tours, as Belle puts it, “When we go out of the country, the whole family is there. It’s just exciting that, you know, may mga ka-roommates ako. Last year, ka-roommate ko si AC [Bonifacio]. ‘Yung mga ganu’n, you see how close we’ve gotten to each other, like we’re really a family in this management.”

They further gave credit the people who guide and work for them behind the scenes, from their mentors to handlers.

“I see so much resilience in them, so much strength. Ang dami na natin pinagdaanan as a family and yet look where we are. We’re still here. We’re still thriving. We’re still celebrating... thirty years... this catalogue.” said Donny. “It’s so nice to see you guys never give up and we love you so much. We’re excited for more of what this journey will look like.”

They teased about their upcoming projects, including their first teleserye together, overseas tours, and Belle’s first major solo concert.