Promposals Andrea-Ricci Karina-Gillian

Star Magic girls Andrea Brillantes and Karina Bautista’s promposals make us want to say “you go, girl!” and “sana all!” at the same time.



Andrea defied genderized traditions, proving yet again that she’s a modern queen by asking her boyfriend Ricci Rivero to come with her to the Star Magical Prom.

Netizens gushed over Andrea’s bold move, calling it “hard to beat” as apart from her commendable courage, she got the help of KPop superstars BLACKPINK in her promposal. Lucky, lucky girl!

On the second day of BLACKPINK’s concert at the Philippine Arena, Andrea carried a sign, which BLACKPINK members read onstage. Rosé gave the spotlight on the promposal by reading Andrea’s banner out loud.

“Please go to prom with our girl,” said Rosé. She then read Andrea’s sign: “I just want to ask Ricci Rivero, will you go to prom with Andrea?” The crowd went wild. And the BLACKPINK members reacted with ‘kilig’.

Lisa enthused, “Aw that’s so cute!” Jennie even asked the audience to clap for Andrea and Ricci, while Rosé noted how happy the couple looked.



Karina also went the non-traditional route by proposing to her gal pal Gillian Vicencio all the way from Mongolia. If you follow Karina on Instagram, you might have come across photos of her at a plaza in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia where she carried a sign. The photos were captioned, “Will you go to prom with me, Gillian Vicencio? Asking this from 3, 919 km away. Willing to freeze until you say yes.”

Meanwhile, in the clip uploaded by Star Magic, we see Gillian checking out Karina’s Instagram promposal. “Actually, gusto ko nga ako ‘yung mag-prompose sa kanya, eh. Tapos nagulat na lang na nag-post na siya sa IG,” she reacted.

She went to Karina’s house bringing flowers, stuffed toys, and her answer to the promposal. However, Karina wasn’t there. So, Gillian just took a photo of her with her surprise and a sign that says ‘yes to prom with you’. She then proceeded to upload the snaps on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see these girls at the prom!

Catch the Star Magical Prom, streaming live today, at 5 pm, on Star Magic’s YouTube Channel.