WATCH: 30 of Dingdong Dantes’ iconic scenes that will make you feel carried away!
WATCH: 30 of Dingdong Dantes’ iconic scenes that will make you feel carried away!

Have you ever watched a scene so intense that it has left a lasting mark on how you view relationships? Or has a movie character ever caught you off-guard with their unexpected development? Brace yourself for that kind of experience because Dingdong Dantes has delivered emotional performances that break the bounds of husband, best friend, and son movie roles you've seen before. 

What started as a stable and happy marriage for Edward (Dingdong) and Jacq (Angelica Panganiban) risks being dismantled after Edward’s past lover, Grace (Angel Locsin), seeks his help. Edward agrees to be involved for the sake of his biological son with Grace, but you could see in a particular scene how confused and torn he is between choosing his wife and his son in “One More Try”. 

Best friends-turned-lovers tropes often have us rooting for the main characters to be each other’s endgame. In “She’s the One”, Dingdong definitely has that winsome charm as Wacky, the childhood best friend of Cat (Bea Alonzo). But it’s such a slow burn that for most of Wacky’s scenes, you might want to scream at the screen, as if to tell him “Just go for the girl already!” 

Some love stories are destined for closure rather than forever, especially when issues of infidelity creep in. When Geoff (Dingdong) commits adultery for the first time, his wife Anne (Angelica) gives him a chance, albeit half-heartedly, in “The Unmarried Wife”. What Dingdong captures brilliantly in his scenes as Edward is the complexity of guilt and longing as a cheating partner. 

Proving that romance is not the only genre he can excel in, Dingdong’s scenes as Bryan Bonifacio — the older brother forced to take responsibility despite his personal struggle as a teenage dad in the family drama “Seven Sundays” — will have you reaching for tissues. 

Dingdong also has tricks up his sleeve for comedy lovers! An example of this is how his parody scenes of “The Hows of Us” with Vice Ganda count as one of the most hilarious in “Fantastica”! 

You can watch all 30 of Dingdong’s most unforgettable scenes in our special video compilation on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel via this link:


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