Scenes that prove Kathryn Bernardo is truly ‘A VERY GOOD’ actress!
Scenes that prove Kathryn Bernardo is truly ‘A VERY GOOD’ actress!

Kathryn Bernardo's film "Hello, Love, Goodbye" in 2019 still reigns as the highest grossing Filipino film of all time, preceded by the blockbuster hits she did through the years. No doubt she deserves all the love and recognition, as she gives her all to every role she plays. Now that she's venturing to new and bolder roles with her upcoming movies "A Very Good Girl" and "Elena 1944" — a sassy dark comedy and a historical action drama, respectively — let's look back on how she started as an already-awesome young actress who levels up her skills as she grows! 

The video above from Star Cinema's official YouTube channel compiles her beloved and notable acting moments through the years, starting with her sister moment with Julia Montes in "Way Back Home". In the scene, Kathryn as Ana finally brings out all her emotions after holding them back from her long-lost sister.  

When Kathryn plays a role, it's as if she transports us to exactly where she is, as we feel what her character exactly feels, especially with her scene in "She's Dating the Gangster", when she had to leave Kenji (Daniel Padilla) to give way to his sick girlfriend, Athena (Sofia Andres). Whether or not we’ve gone through the exact scenario, our tears nonetheless flowed in the cinemas back then! 

She also delivers lines on point, which makes the scenes iconic! We can easily recall and recite the lines, "Matalino akong tao, eh! Pero pagdating sa 'yo, ewan ko, natatanga 'ko!" which she utters as her character George in "The Hows of Us", all while she’s soaked in the rain. 

And then there’s also that scene when Joy asks Ethan (Alden Richards), "Kung mahal mo 'ko, bakit pinapapili mo ako?" as they are finally confronted with having to make a choice between pursuing their dreams or protecting their love in "Hello, Love, Goodbye". 

Marathon all these iconic Kathryn Bernardo scenes in our video above! And in case you missed her much-anticipated new movie alert event, check out this video: 


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