5 Maricel Soriano intense drama movies that can take you on an emotional journey
5 Maricel Soriano intense drama movies that can take you on an emotional journey

Shining bright like a diamond comes naturally for the one and only Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano. Whether placed in a love triangle, sibling rivalry, or troubled father-daughter relationship, Maricel can convey intense and raw emotions without compromising on the art of building likable characters. Indeed, she’s proven herself a gifted actress since becoming a child star in the ‘70s! 

As the Diamond Star celebrated her 59th birthday last February 25, we would love to honor her timeless work by screening her FULL MOVIES for FREE, all on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel. Check out five of Maricel’s best ‘90s classics in the list below: 

‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’ 

Terry (Maricel), a simple housewife forms a close friendship with Monique (Zsa Zsa Padilla), a television host whose husband Alex (Matt Ranillo III) is the best friend of Terry’s husband Dave (Gabby Concepcion). When Alex is fatally shot, Monique and Dave find solace in each other’s company, resulting in an affair that Terry discovers. 


‘Inagaw Mo ang Lahat sa Akin’ 

Jacinta (Maricel), a devoted daughter from a quaint town, takes care of her mother, Almeda (Armida Siguion-Reyna), who is in poor health. She is unlike her younger sister, Clarita (Snooky Serna), who left for Manila long ago and married a rich lawyer. Jacinta’s quiet life gets shaken up when Clarita finally visits their village for the first time in ten years to settle property matters. 


‘Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal’ 

Adela (Maricel) is viewed as a huge disappointment by her father (Eddie Gutierrez) who had always wanted her to become a doctor. Their strained relationship worsens when she becomes enamored with the captivating David (Richard Gutierrez), whom her father disapproves of. 


‘Ama, Ina, Anak’ 

Married couple Marilen (Maricel) and Santi (Edu Manzano) strive to have a child of their own through several attempts, but all their efforts end up in vain. They eventually opt to adopt a girl named Issa (Angelica Panganiban), whom they nurture as their own. Unexpectedly, Marilen finds herself pregnant again, and the baby is finally born. Issa, who was once a happy only child, starts to despise her infant sibling.  



Sandra (Maricel), a wedding planner, sees her sisters happily married while she remains single. At her sister’s wedding, she meets Eric (Diether Ocampo), a young real estate agent. Sparks fly between them, leading to a romantic relationship despite their age gap.