10 times Sasha and Darius brought Harry to a whirlwind of betrayal, misery with their affair in “Senior High”

We are slowly transitioning to colder days, but the heat remains intense in the Kapamilya series “Senior High” where explosive plot twists and major truth bombs are dropped one after another, making for a nail-biting narrative that keeps viewers hooked. The story unravels with snippets of every character’s life, and just when you think you’ve solved the mysteries, they’ll mislead you again.

Who would have thought, for instance, that the powerful and intimidating Harry Aguerro (Baron Geisler) could at some point be outsmarted by his wife Sasha (Desiree del Valle), who enjoys a sinful affair with his colleague Darius (Ryan Eigenmann)?

Kapamilya Toplist compiles 10 scenes from “Senior High” showing this blood-boiling illicit relationship, starting off with that sequence of Harry getting suspicious upon learning that his wife went out with a mystery guy. He rummaged through her stuff in an attempt to search for clues.

Following his hunches, he tailed Sasha to a restaurant where the felonious liaisons frequently happen. Trying not to be caught, Sasha justified that she’s just meeting with friends, who are running late so she’d better call them. However, Harry isn’t as clueless as she thinks. He grabbed her phone and warned her that he is ready to kill once he identifies her paramour.

In another scene, Darius discussed Luna (Andrea Brillantes)’s case with Tanya (Angel Aquino) over the phone when Sasha came into his unit complaining about the tedious task of escaping Harry’s security team. But then again, a woman who plays with fire thinks she will never run out of nice strategic moves. Then a compliment from her lover would turn her from looking miffed to flirty.

Their affair would inevitably be affected by Luna’s unsolved case, as Harry holds important documents related to the investigation. Sasha got peeved when Darius said that Harry and Tanya might be seeing each other in secret because of Luna’s case. She considers Harry and Tanya’s connection a felony, but she feels entitled to enjoy her infidelity.

You’ll know things have gone chaotic when Sasha’s influential father, Mariano (Leo Martinez), got in the mix by confronting his daughter’s illegal boyfriend himself. He ordered Darius to leave Sasha. And as punishment and warning, he asked his men to attack Darius, hoping it would smash the latter’s unlawful desires.

However, when Darius tried to end their relationship, Sasha expressed resistance and insisted that nobody could ever dictate her what to do, not even her dad. She is addicted to their extramarital romance and will do anything to be happy at the expense of her own family.

On the other side of this dangerously complicated love triangle, Harry has been miserable over his wife’s extramarital activities. In one scene, he was utterly devastated while talking to Mariano, telling his father-in-law that he’s doing his best to keep his family and marriage intact.

We could only imagine his anguish upon receiving a solid piece of evidence confirming Sasha and Darius’ affair. Harry went from angry to wretched. His emotions completely collapsed as he cried beside Sasha, who was then pretending to be asleep. While Harry is hurt and seemingly turning dangerously insane, Sasha couldn’t care less. Will this turn him into a bigger monster?

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