It’s Me, High: Zaijian

Zaijian Jaranilla, as we all know, started young in the industry. This is no easy feat, as some might feel early burnout. But Zaijian has learned how to master momentum, turning himself into an icon in a workplace that requires intense dedication.

In this edition of “It’s Me, High,” the young acting virtuoso shared a bit about where he gets his fuel – aka the people or things that make him ‘high.’


Zaijian revealed that he is ‘emotionally high’ on set, as being an actor demands a dynamic range of emotions in each scene.

For this cutie, playing PC games is not just a pastime – it's an 'active high' bonding activity with friends. Gaming serves as his sole hobby.  

His work ethic is intense, driven by dedication and passion for his craft. His commitment to giving his best in every project keeps him naturally high as he immerses himself in the creative process. “’Pag nando’n na, talagang laser-focused ako sa work ko. Ayaw ko ng maraming distractions. Kasi nakakahiya na magkamali. Doon ako sobrang intensely high.” He quipped, “Sobra na, intense pa.”

Contrary to the stereotype of needing constant company, Zaijian finds himself naturally high when alone. “’Pag ako lang mag-isa, parang nando’n ako sa zone ko. Tine-take ko lang ‘yung time ko.”  He shared that solitude recharges him, providing the necessary rejuvenation amid his busy schedule, “Wala akong kailangan isipin. Hindi ako nagmamadali.”

When asked about what highly impresses him, Zaijian pointed to those rare individuals who feel like home from the first meeting. He feels ‘high’ when he can instantly vibe with others in terms of humor.

Asked what makes him upset, he jokingly expressed his dissatisfaction with “mga nagungutang tapos sila pa ‘yung galit.”

Just like Tim, his character in Senior High, he finds high satisfaction in giving his best at work. ‘”Yung self-satisfaction ‘pag nagawa mo nang maayos ang trabaho mo, sobrang fulfilling nu’n.” He also gets his drive from his family, “Kaya ko rin ginagawa ‘to para sa kanila.

He believes he can easily manage the industry’s high demands because he is good at handling pressure. “Minsan ‘yung pressure, nagagamit ko siya na mabigay ‘yung best ko lalo.”

As a Gen Z, he is fully aware of the expectations placed on him. However, he doesn’t let external expectations dictate his path, “Hindi kasi ako ma-expect na tao. Hindi ko rin iniisip ‘yung expectations sa akin ng iba. Basta, ako, ginagawa ko lang  kung ano ‘yung sa tingin ko tama, at saka sa tingin ko na hanggang makakaya ko.”

To cap it off, Zaijian opened up about his high hopes for his career and family, “Ang dream ko lang naman ay magtagal pa dito sa industriyang ito. Ibibigay ko laging ‘yung best ko para makarating ako sa point na ‘yun.”

He continued, “For my family, ginagawa ko ‘to para sa kanila, para magtagal ako dito at patuloy ko pa rin itong ginagawa kasi mahal ko yung trabaho ko at mahal ko rin sila.”

With intense passion for his craft, and with the right motivation, Zaijian is set to carve out a remarkable path in the industry.

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