Slang Challenge: “Senior High” veterans test their Gen Z vocabulary

The seasoned actors of Kapamilya series “Senior High” sure find their Gen Z co-stars a breath of fresh air on set. The youthful, bubbly energy likely amuses them, or maybe reminds them of their younger days too.

To test how they keep up with the new generation, the trending teleserye’s senior stars took on a “Gen Z Slang Challeng,e” wherein, as the name suggests, they would try to decode the Gen Z lingo.



“Abbreviation ba ‘yun?” asked Angel Aquino, puzzled as to what “amaccana accla” means. Probably taking after some slang words’ reverse pattern, Ana Abad-Santos thought “accla” is the backward trend for “alak”, therefore, “uminom ka na ng alak.” Meanwhile, Sylvia Sanchez thought it means “pasok” or that someone is in. Let Desiree del Valle explain it: “Tama ka na bakla!”

Let’s see how these four ladies fared in the other rounds. Ana’s creativity resulted in her made-up translation of “SKL.” Read: “Stop killing liars.” Ano daw, Tita? Desiree then guessed, “San ka lang?” Angel and Sylvia only reacted, “I don’t know” and “Huh? Ano ‘yun?” In the Gen Z dictionary, it’s the acronym for “share ko lang.”

Because the “YOLO” lifestyle is made for any age, the actresses are practically familiar with its meaning, “you only live once.” The same goes for “lowkey” which means low profile and “aesthetic” which refers to the overall visual of someone or something. “Naol” is also so popular that they were quick to translate it to “sana all.”

“Kung exam pa ‘to, zero ako,” said Sylvia when she mistook “shookt” for “shoot” while the other players defined it correctly as “shocked.” But she managed to recover in next the round as the only player to understand that “omsim” is “mismo” in reverse.

Thanks to this game, Angel, Sylvia, Desiree, and Ana learned the meaning of “dogshow,” which the cool kids of the internet had invented to make fun of someone or something.



In the next video, it’s Baron Geisler, Mon Confiado, Gerald Madrid, and Kean Cipriano’s turn to interpret “amaccana accla.” But we’re even more amused with how these ‘astig’ gentlemen uttered the phrase in their own style!

They slayed the next rounds with their accurate definitions of “lowkey,” “omsim” and “naol.” But only Kean had the closest interpretation of “dogshow”. He said, “bardagulan.”

In another round, only Baron was able to dissect YOLO into “you only live once;” while Kean thought of “you only lie once.” 

The funniest moment in this clip would have to be Gerald blurting out, “Control, alt, delete yata ‘yan, eh,” when asked what “SKL” means. Mon thought of “sa ‘kin lang.” And when asked what “lit” is, Mon replied, baffled, “Ilaw ‘yan?”, while the other players thought it’s synonymous with “hot” or “fire.” In the Gen Z lexicon, “lit” is used to describe something utterly cool or awesome.

Maybe the grown-ups can learn more slang words from their Gen Z cast-mates in “Senior High.”