“Senior High” barkada spills juicy insider info about each other’s habits on set!

Classroom wars on-cam, barkada goals off-cam!

There’s no doubt that the cast of mystery-drama series “Senior High” loves to spend time together in real life. They have vlogs, behind-the-scenes photos and all to serve as proof. Given their closeness, they had so much to reveal when asked to play a who’s who game called “Spill The Tea.”

So, here’s the tea straight from our favorite Northfordians!



In the first video, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Xyriel Manabat, Zaijian Jaranilla and Gela Atayde voted Tommy Alejandrino as the cast member “na pinakamalakas kumain sa set,” except for Xyriel who said that Zaijian helps her finish her food.

They picked Gela and Sylvia Sanchez as “pinakagalante” or generous. They said JK Labajo is the “pinaka-bully,” while Zaijian (according to Xyriel) and Kyle (according to Gela and Andrea) are the runners-up.

It seems like JK and Xyriel are the top two most energetic and talkative members of the group. Andrea has her ‘bibo’ side too.  Zaijian and Daniela Stranner are the sleepyheads.

Even Andrea is admittedly the biggest phone addict among them; while Zaijian confirms that he’s the quietest one. Xyriel disclosed that Angel Aquino is mostly quiet too.

Miggy Jimenez is often the early bird on set, while Daniela is the ‘tardiest.’



Round two of the “laglagan” challenge features Daniela, JK, Tommy, Miggy, and Elijah Canlas. We begin with the “pinakamalakas kumain,” on which they had varying answers, from Tommy to Zaijian, Xyriel, and Kyle.

The most consistent answer would have to be Gela for the “pinakagalante” category. Daniela was picked as “pinakaantukin”. Zaijian was again declared as “pinakatahimik”, while his opposite, JK, was hailed as the most energetic and “pinakabibo”.

Miggy was still the “pinakamaaga dumating sa set” while JK owned up to his tardiness.

Just like in a real-life high school circle, some secrets shared are intriguing, and some are hilarious. But beyond the revelations, one thing we enjoyed in this “bukingan” game was getting a glimpse of the Senior High squad’s fun and refreshing dynamic.

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