Roxy & Archie in Senior High

There is something so endearing about two people with electrifying chemistry often caught up in adorable bickering. It’s giving the-more-you-hate-the-more-you-love feels.

Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Archie (Elijah Canlas) might be quarrelling a lot due to their opposite personalities, as she is the class’ bubbly girl while he is the campus’ bad boy, and they belong in rival cliques. But this only adds more kilig to their scenes.

Get ready to feel the butterflies by watching them bicker like cat and dog in these scenes from Senior High as collated by Kapamilya Update.

That collaboration project sure brought excitement, and conflict, to Northford High’s senior class due to the unexpected pairings. Roxy’s protest didn’t work, so she was stuck with Archie, who is so used to bossing around. However, he found his equal match in the small but terrible Roxy, who slapped his mediocre ideas. Roxy cracked us up when she reacted to his poor suggestions, “Palibhasa puro pera yang pinapagana mo, eh. Hindi paganahin ang utak kung meron.” That was the first time we actually saw Archie stunned and powerless.

In the next scene, Roxy fell asleep on a couch inside the campus when the nightmare himself, Archie, woke her up. “Pwede ba sa bangungot ka na lang bumisita, huwag na sa real life?” she snarled at him.

We’re amused by the fact that only Roxy can rebut Archie in a feisty way. One time, when he found Roxy and her boyfriend Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s exchange of “I love you” too gross, she said that he’s just envious because nobody tells him “I love you”. Then he ordered her to clean his car as what was agreed upon during their mediation after a conflict. She obliged but not without the hilarious ‘hirits’ like, “Lilinisin ko kotse mo, mas malinis pa sa konsensya mo.” She pretended to be talking to the heavens, “Ang aga-aga maligno kaharap.” He looked back, “I heard that,” to which she wittily replied, “Eh, di good job! Gusto mo lakasan ko pa?”

There must be something different with the winds at Northford High when Archie, much to Roxy’s surprise, fought with the perverted students who were bullying her. Sky (Andrea Brillantes) entered the scene and even she was surprised that Archie acted as Roxy’s knight in shining armor. In her usual humor, Roxy chalked it up with “sanib” and noted that the whole hullaballoo might be scripted.

At Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s birthday party, Archie noticed that Roxy was getting upset as Tim hasn’t been updating her. He teased her, saying that her boyfriend might be cheating. Her response? “Mayaman ka, ‘di ba? Bili ka kausap mo.” Viewers probably shrieked in kilig when the strap of Roxy’s top slipped off, then Archie slowly pulled it back up, saying that he thought her items are rampa-proof and hubadera-proof. Roxy was surprised as only customers in her live-selling hear her say such phrases, which made her think of her mystery customer who goes by the username Dark Gray.

Just in a recent episode, the two shared another round of bickering in front of their classmates when Archie said that he can buy anything, even Roxy’s loyalty.  But she made sure to have the last say in this cute argument. “Alam mo, imbes na ipambili mo yan ng loyalty ko, bakit kaya hindi mo i-invest sa pagpapa-boost ng brain cells o kaya neurons? I think need mo ‘yun, eh, like sobra,” she retorted, proving once again that she’s the only person who can keep him silent and kill his angst.

Where will this ‘bardagulan’ lead to?

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